Zayed Khan joins the newest episode of`s particular collection `Flashback with the celebs` the place he opened up about seeing success early in his profession, his love story with spouse Malaika, incorrect profession selections and extra! 

Zayed mentioned, “I thank my lucky stars that I had some good people around, you also got to be physically strong in boarding school. Either you are physically strong or a genius, if you are somewhere in between you are not in a good space. I had that edge where I was blessed with good physicality and was a tough guy so there was not too much pushing around beyond a point. Some people just couldn`t stand boarding school, after three days they were miserable and their parents came back to pick them up.”

Opening up about his love story the actor shared, “It was a love story straight out of the movie books. I had three elder sisters who had long term relationships and I was never one for them, I wanted to be footloose and fancy free. When you say things like that you have to bite your tongue. I saw this pretty girl from behind, she had beautiful brown hair, very petite.”

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