Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a nice collection of lingerie, had a number of bra fittings, and obtained quotes from a few of the biggest experts in the industry on the dos and don’ts of lingerie throughout the board. Most of those guidelines are simple sufficient to comply with, apart from one (at the very least for me). During my most up-to-date lingerie becoming for a narrative I wrote on what it’s like to wear lingerie sets for a week straight, the saleswoman helping me informed me that if I’m not storing my lingerie correctly, I’m mainly killing it, not getting my cash’s value, and so forth and so forth.

Instantly I switched into panic mode as I spotted all my lingerie was presently stuffed in my drawer together with the remainder of my five-for-$25 underwear and random assortment of sports activities bras. In different phrases, not the place it belonged. Storing and organizing lingerie? How do you even do this and the place? What are the principles? What am I lacking? To ease my now-frantic thoughts, I reached out to Julie McConnell, former senior purchaser at Journelle, for her two cents on the matter. She totally confirmed what the saleswoman had mentioned to me just a few weeks prior.

“Storing your lingerie properly can keep the shape and integrity of your bras so they last longer,” McConnell informed me. Essentially, if you wish to get your cash’s value on the lingerie you purchase over time, storing it with care and intention is the one solution to go. Otherwise, you run the danger of killing it from that first second you stuff it inside a drawer.

Ahead, discover out what else McConnell needed to say about the most effective methods to arrange your lingerie drawer.

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