Besides being an admittedly addictive present about Joe Goldberg’s nightmarish concept of affection, Netflix’s You additionally rewards its viewers with some good dialogue and monologuing from the anti-hero. As Joe navigates his love life dangerously, he has lots to say, and all his quotes are virtually at all times memorable, fully bonkers, or surprisingly insightful.

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For anybody within the know, Joe could also be deadly, however he is not a dim fellow. He has astute observations in regards to the world, hilarious one-liners that pop up out of nowhere, and a few unbelievable quotes about affection and sacrifice which makes viewers concern what he’ll do subsequent. Some of which actually stand out.


On Being The Destination

“I’m Not A ‘Maybe.’ I’m The One.”

Joe sits ata table in Netflix's You.

While part of Joe realized that what he does to ladies after falling for them was improper, he stood by the twisted logic that led him to do these issues. He actually believed that he was the very best man a girl can get, and when he had determined that he is the one for his muse (to place it flippantly), her personal selection ceased to carry any that means for him.

It is that this mentality that led him to stalk and creep on unsuspecting ladies (Beck on this case), make choices for them, and do some of the worst things ever within the title of supposedly defending their pursuits.

Acknowledging Karma And Divine Justice

“The Universe Has A Funny Way Of Keeping Us Humble. That Beating Was Karmic. I Know It. I Did A Bad Thing Today But For A Good Reason, And If There Is Any Justice In The World, You Are The Reward For All Of My Suffering.”

You Peach is not dead will return in season 4

Joe proved that it is potential to be self-aware but fully self-deceiving on the similar time — in the identical breath, that too. After clubbing Peach Salinger throughout the top, he obtained overwhelmed up in a horrible manner by Claudia’s alcoholic boyfriend and stated this to himself.

Yet once more, he knew that bludgeoning somebody is by no means effective, however he was additionally satisfied that it was for an excellent purpose so it was proper. He might have thought that this was his payback, however the real twist in You was that Beck’s bestie was nonetheless alive.

Joe’s Culture Shock

“Love Has Taken Me To Dark Places, But Los Angeles Has Got To Be As Dark As It Gets.”

Having lived in New York for many of his life, Joe was fairly used to his day by day routine of going to Mooney’s and his extracurricular actions, however Candace’s arrival made him flee to the one place he detested.

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His normal disdain in direction of the world, particularly LA’s Hollywood, fame, and yoga-obsessed folks was apparent, and he had a chip on his shoulder about his residence. He thought himself above everyone within the metropolis, and his distress usually unleashed his humorous aspect.

Getting A Taste Of His Own Medicine

“I Can’t Just Walk Out Of This Web. The Spider Has My Child.”

Joe and Love in You Season 3 Episode 5

By advantage of his love for books, Joe was susceptible to creating literary references in day by day speech, and it made its manner into his relationship as properly. Ironically, he hated that his spouse was as murderous as he was, and he thought-about himself and child Henry entrapped by Love.

Love might have been a villain in You, but it surely was fairly clear that Joe was lots worse than she was. After neglecting his spouse and youngster, it was actually wealthy of Joe to vilify Love who was caught between an toddler and the unforgiving women of Madre Linda, even when he did it cleverly.

His Signature Line

“Is He Flirting With Me Or Inviting Me To Fight Club?”

Joe Is The Real Dan - You and Gossip Girl

A single line — “Are you flirting with me?” — has change into synonymous with the killer, and plenty of memes about Joe have spawned from it. Joe was at all times on the hunt for his one real love, which led him to imagine (mistakenly) that women had been hitting on him.

Things turned humorous when Joe moved to suburban America and met different dads and husbands, particularly Cary, who insisted on inviting him to a manly evening out tenting with the opposite guys. He did not get together with males due to his previous, however Cary’s insistence made him ponder whether he was invited to a manly soiree or one thing extra romantic.

The Pain Of Existence

“All Books Add Up To One Essential Truth, Which Is, If Your IQ Is Above A Certain Number, Life Is Pretty Much Unbearable. And The Number Is Not Even That High.”

There had been two philosophies that fashioned the inspiration of Joe’s life, and so they had been love and literature. He clearly had a superiority complicated due to how a lot he learn. So a lot of his knowledge got here from these tomes, and the message was clear — he was higher than others.

Having a better IQ and extra intelligence to Joe meant that he was painfully conscious of how troublesome life might be due to how deeply he thought. In true Joe trend, even on this incisive commentary, there was barely-concealed condescension for different people.

The Secret To Successful Marriage

“The Spark Our Marriage Needed Doesn’t Come From Swinging. Our Love Language Is Violence.”

Love Joe Glass Cage You

Despite being sharp, there have been some issues that Joe took time to understand. One of them was that folks like him and Love weren’t regular, and couple’s remedy could not repair their messed-up marriage.

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After a heated chase that led to Sherry and Cary being trapped within the glass cage, Joe and Love had some passionate intercourse proper within the basement of the bakery, resulting in this commentary that the couple thrived on violence and gore, and little may change that unlucky reality about them.

All You Need Is Love

“Sometimes, We Do Bad Things For The People We Love. It Doesn’t Mean It’s Right; It Means Love Is More Important.”

Penn Badgely as Joe Goldberg on YOU

What might sound like a Beatles-esque message with out context is chilling when it includes Joe. This line sums up his total character fairly succinctly. The purpose why he went from one obsession to the following was as a result of he thought he may repair these ladies and make their lives higher than they ever may, however his love for them made him homicide, torture, and intimidate.

Joe’s actions had been the very epitome of crimes of ardour, and he noticed no morality when it got here to killing or maiming for the sake of affection.

The Search For The One

“There’s One Part Of The Old Me I Can’t Quite Shake. I Still Believe In The One. That The Right Person Is Out There For Me.”

In season 3, audiences noticed the passionate killer trying to show a brand new leaf and change into a greater individual. He tried being dedicated to his spouse, defending his child, and finishing up his duties as man of the home, however previous habits die exhausting.

Changing his patterns of stalking and homicide could not simply be damaged by marriage and a child, and his interior monologue confirmed that he was nonetheless looking out for “The One” who would fulfill his wishes for good, regardless that that did no good up to now. This dangerous conduct by no means actually stopped with Joe and led to the demise of his household.

The Irony Of Cautioning Others

“There Are Scary People In The World, Beck. That’s Why It’s Important To Be Safe.”

In one other second of absolute irony, Joe was heard enthusiastic about how Beck needs to be cautious in an enormous metropolis like New York due to all of the unsavory parts that hung about within the corners. He was satisfied that he could not be categorised into the identical class of criminals as a result of his motivation was seemingly completely different and pure.

He may warning his muses all he needed, however he was the most important hazard to them, greater than any petty legal within the streets. His self-deception actually got here by when he spoke this manner.

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