He’s nonetheless solely 20 years outdated!

Produce 101‘s Yoo Seonho was always known for his lovely and cute image. Of course, as he was only a middle schooler at the show’s broadcast, it’s solely pure that he received hearts along with his youthful appeal.

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His nickname was even “little chick,” due to how small and cute he was!

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But my, how the little chick has grown! We’re not about to name him a rooster or something, however his picture has certainly accomplished a 180. It’s been 5 years since his season of Produce 101 ended, and Yoo Seonho is now 20 years outdated internationally. In a current photoshoot with DAZED, he confirmed off his mature charms.

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With newly grown out hair and a toned physique, he’s barely recognizable.

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Looks like he’s been hitting the fitness center! Look at these muscle tissue.

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It’s laborious to attract a connection between the lovely child and the person he’s now.

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He regarded suave in a modern shirt and pants.

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His aura has completely modified.

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Netizens had been simply as shocked as we had been on the drastic distinction.

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Netizen reactions to the change. | Nate Pann

  • “It’s amazing how he’s still only 21 (Korean age) when Produce 101 ended ages ago.”
  • “Seems like he grew out his hair for The Queen’s Umbrella.”
  • “Gives off Japanese actor vibes a little.”
  • “Wow did he grow taller? He was already tall during Produce but he looks more like a model now.”

Yoo Seonho has since gone into performing, starring in works like The Queen’s Umbrella and The World Of My 17. We’re excited to see simply how way more he’ll develop!

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