Yoo Ah In just lately participated in an interview to share his ideas on his position within the Netflix collection “Hellbound”!

Helmed by “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang Ho, “Hellbound” is a six-part Netflix collection set in a world the place people face a daunting supernatural phenomenon: emissaries from hell who seem on Earth with out warning and condemn individuals to hell. Amidst the chaos brought on by this terrifying new actuality, an rising faith led by Jung Jin Soo (performed by Yoo Ah In) begins to achieve recognition, whereas others desperately seek for the reality behind this unusual phenomenon.

When requested if the collection’ immense recognition felt actual, Yoo Ah In described how he tried to observe “Hellbound” from the angle of a viewer. “I was so immersed in watching the series all at once that it came to an end really fast,” he mentioned. “Everyone loves to be in the No. 1 spot, so of course I like it too. I’m thankful that I can experience this as an actor. The important thing is that first place isn’t something that happens on the world stage every day. I’m especially glad that the series was able to be introduced to the whole world through this platform.”

Yoo Ah In additionally talked about a viewer remark that caught with him. He recalled, “The reaction that pleased me the most was a comment left by a Korean viewer on YouTube that said, ‘That’s right. If you’re taking this to the world stage, Yoo Ah In is the perfect choice.’ I felt like I’d become the country’s representative so although I felt good about it, I also felt some pressure.”

In “Hellbound,” Yoo Ah In took on the position of cult chief Jung Jin Soo. He defined how he ready for the position by going by references with director Yeon Sang Ho to flesh out his character, and talked about that he apprehensive so much about easy methods to maintain his character current in individuals’s minds. He defined, “He’s a very strong character, and while other characters seem to have their feet on the ground and their gazes on the sky, Jung Jin Soo is like a character who hangs in the air. I thought about how I would be able to reconciliate that difference. During filming, I think I found the perfect balance and tone while working together with the other cast members.”

On working with Yeon Sang Ho, Yoo Ah In commented, “While working together I thought that he was a person who is humorous and interesting and who does everything he puts his mind to. On the other hand, I also got the feeling that he is a subtle and delicate person. It made me want to work on various projects with him.”


Viewers expressed their disappointment that Jung Jin Soo’s loss of life got here too rapidly within the collection. When requested if there can be an opportunity that he may return for the second season, Yoo Ah In commented, “It would be great if I could come back, ha ha. Jokes aside, he was a character who maximized his impact while making a relatively small number of appearances.”

He added, “I’m grateful that so many people found his death to be a shame, and I’m someone who’s getting over his regret and hoping for another appearance. Don’t you think he could stay alive?”

Yoo Ah In 2

Yoo Ah In additionally contemplated over what he would do if he obtained a discover that he would die in 20 years’ time, very similar to what occurred to Jung Jin Soo. He concluded that he had truly lived his 20s as if he had obtained such a discover, saying, “I’ve lived through my 20s with the energy of not caring if I died the next day.” He then added, “Don’t we go through life accepting the fact that we’ll die someday? Although we act as if it doesn’t exist, death is always around us.”

Yoo Ah In concluded the interview by responding to a query about how he wished viewers to recollect his position in “Hellbound.” He mentioned, “I hope everyone will remember it the way they want to remember it. I received a lot of love through my strong roles in ‘Sado’ and ‘Veteran,’ but they also trapped me into certain preconceptions. Afterwards, I took some time to show what I could do by trying other roles. Then, while acting as Jung Jin Soo who has such a strong energy, I feel like I’ve shown everyone a more upgraded appearance.”

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