On the most recent episode of “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” Yeon Jung Hoon revealed that Han Ga In lately forgot their wedding ceremony anniversary!

At one level through the May 23 episode of the KBS selection present, Yeon Jung Hoon was preparing for mattress with Kim Seon Ho and VIXX’s Ravi when he remarked, “Monday was my wedding anniversary.”

“Oh, it was your wedding anniversary on Monday?” exclaimed Kim Seon Ho, and Ravi requested, “What did you do?”

Yeon Jung Hoon replied, “My wife forgot, so only I got her flowers.” He then burst into giggles as he added fondly, “She was so cute. When I walked in with the flowers, her eyes acquired all extensive and began darting forwards and backwards. I might inform that she was considering, ‘What day is it today?’”

As the “2 Days & 1 Night” cast had spent a lot of time talking about Kim Jong Min and DinDin‘s bachelor status earlier that night, Yeon Jung Hoon went on to point out to Kim Seon Ho and Ravi, “But setting those two aside, you guys are bachelors too, right?”

Ravi responded dismissively, “Ah, I’m not even 30 but,” to which Yeon Jung Hoon made everybody crack up by countering, “But I got married when I was 28.”

Ravi Yeon Jung Hoon Kim Seon Ho

Ravi Yeon Jung Hoon

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