Yelena Belova actress Florence Pugh shares her emotional response to Clint Barton’s go to to the Avengers Memorial in Disney+’s Hawkeye collection.

Yelena Belova actress Florence Pugh shares her emotional response to Clint Barton’s go to to the Avengers Memorial in Disney+’s Hawkeye collection. Pugh made her MCU debut as Natasha Romanoff’s (Scarlett Johannson) sister and fellow Black Widow agent in Black Widow. The star reprised her position within the fourth episode of the Disney+ collection, “Partners, Am I Right?”.

In Hawkeye episode 5, “Ronin,” after his encounter with Yelena and studying that Tracksuit Mafia chief Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) has the names of his household, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) cuts ties with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). With the ghosts of his previous looming over his shoulder, Clint visits the New York Avengers Memorial, a landmark made in tribute to the unique six Avengers who stood in opposition to Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) Chitauri invasion. Remembering his closest buddy Natasha, Clint apologizes to his fallen fellow Avenger for what he should do subsequent. With Natasha’s death looming over Hawkeye in many ways, the collection has been capable of discover Clint’s vulnerabilities and emotional facet greater than ever.


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On her Instagram account, Pugh shared a picture of the plaque that celebrated the heroes of the ultimate battle of 2012’s The Avengers. Alongside the picture, Pugh commented on the scene, quoting Clint and praising Renner’s efficiency, revealing that it had her “in bits.” Calling Clint’s go to to the memorial “beautiful” for totally exploring his grief over dropping Natasha, Pugh reiterated that she was nonetheless grateful to be a part of the present and was grateful for the love she acquired from the Marvel fandom over her return. Check out Pugh’s emotional response beneath:


Though Yelena is hellbent on killing Clint to avenge the position he performed in Natasha’s loss of life, Pugh has been smitten by engaged on the present. Pugh celebrated her return to the MCU on Instagram, sadly ensuing within the social media website briefly blocking her account on account of her posting spoilers. Pugh’s boyfriend, actor Zach Braff, shared one other response video by Pugh, the place she humorously dubbed over her episode 4 return. Bert and Bertie, the administrators of episodes 3 by way of 5 of Hawkeye, additionally praised Pugh for her work on the collection, celebrating her method to Yelena’s character.

Pugh and Yelena have rapidly change into fan-favorite elements of the MCU, with the character’s enthusiasm for vests and witty feedback on Natasha’s Avengers life solidifying her place among the many franchise’s most beloved characters. Pugh has been extremely enthusiastic over her time within the MCU, so her touch upon a scene that not solely pays tribute to a fan-favorite character however to one of many franchise’s most defining moments is welcome to see. With Pugh previously sharing her dream Marvel teammates, hopefully, Yelena will proceed to be a mainstay within the MCU past Hawkeye.

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