Dasvi, a social comedy-drama, premiered final week on the OTT platform to widespread acclaim from viewers and critics alike. Yami Gautam, who performed a police officer for the primary time in her profession, was praised for her nuanced efficiency. 

Says Tushar Jalota, the director, “Jyoti is a headstrong, brave, no-nonsense, and a fearless woman. She is razor-focused and is cuttingly sharp. She has steely authority, is fierce and is simply savage!! And Yami played it to the T. When we were casting for this role in Dasvi, I couldn’t imagine anyone else other than Yami Gautam playing Jyoti Deswal. She is someone who completely gets absorbed by her character and thoroughly prepares for it; whether it’s looking the part or mentally getting into the headspace of the character. Apart from all the prep work, she also worked hard on her Haryanvi dialect and accent and for a moment you forget it’s Yami on screen because all you can see is Jyoti Deswal, a strong, confident, no-nonsense female inspector.There is a practised hardness in Jyoti, that is her stated intent, but she has softer virtues (humility, gentleness, sympathy). Yami has done all of this with so much dignity and nobility. She was definitely a great team player, a supporter for me and I believe that is the mark of a terrific actor and Yami deserves all the accolades coming her way for her performance in the film.”

Yami Gautam Dasvi

Yami  has a busy schedule forward of her, together with Anirudhh Roy Choudhary’s Lost, OMG2 with Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathy, Dhoom Dham, and Maddock Films’ Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga.

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