In Immortal X-Men, the faith-based mutant Exodus believes himself to be essentially the most non secular X-Man (whereas subtly throwing shade at Nightcrawler).

Spoilers forward for Immortal X-Men #5

In the most recent problem of Marvel Comics’ Immortal X-Men, Nightcrawler was simply outclassed in a weirdly particular method. While Kurt Wagner had lengthy been a religious Catholic within the pages of Marvel Comics, the current evolution of mutant society and tradition has led him to undertake and encourage a brand new way of life and pondering for mutantkind. However, it seems that the faith-based mutant Exodus could also be constructing his personal mutant church and perception system (whereas additionally throwing delicate shade at Kurt alongside the way in which).


As seen up to now Way of X and present Legion of X collection, Nightcrawler has developed a quasi-religion/lifestyle for mutantkind. Needing a brand new philosophy within the face of the X-Men’s new resurrection protocols the place dying is an idea of the previous, Nightcrawler has been on the forefront of the dialog. Facilitating the way in which by which life can nonetheless be seen as sacred, Kurt has additionally been main a gaggle of like-minded mutants as a peacekeeping group often known as the Legionaries. While Nightcrawler’s work fills a void in Krakoa’s new tradition that had been lacking, it is being teased {that a} new mutant faith could quickly rise to rival it.

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As seen within the new Immortal X-Men #5 from Kieron Gillen and Michele Bandini, Exodus prepares for battle in opposition to the Eternals who’ve launched their assault on Krakoa (tying into Marvel’s Judgment Day crossover event). The problem additionally seems to be again at his personal previous and perception in a mutant messiah that may rise to avoid wasting mutantkind. While he had put misplaced religion in each Apocalypse and Magneto, he is now come to consider that the previous Phoenix host Hope Summers is the messiah, seeing as how she was the primary little one born after M-Day and the one who ultimately ended its devastating impact on mutantkind. Hinting a number of occasions that he would be the rock upon which a brand new mutant church shall be constructed, Exodus will possible take a extra orthodox and conventional method as he forges a brand new mutant faith when in comparison with Nightcrawler’s strategies. Likewise, Exodus does appear to be speaking about Kurt when he is speaking about false anti-popes.

It definitely appears as if Exodus is positioning himself because the true non secular chief of Krakoa when and if he can encourage sufficient mutants to see him because the true “pope”. Building his total religion (and powers) round the concept that Hope and the Phoenix are mutantkind’s saviors, it would not be stunning to see Exodus constructing an precise church and path to be adopted (one which will even surpass what Nightcrawler has just lately created).

In any case, the chances that Exodus is setting the desk to type his personal model of mutant faith appears very excessive. Although he is definitely had followers up to now, it does appear as if Exodus could go greater than he ever has. While Hope cannot stand Exodus’s devotion and perception that she’s a messiah, it is by no means stopped his worship and reverence earlier than. Following this new problem, it definitely appears as if Exodus shall be seeking to show he is the extra trustworthy mutant that needs to be adopted over Nightcrawler. Immortal X-Men #5 is on sale now.

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