X-Men’s Cannonball as soon as destroyed Marvel’s Superman after the warrior crashed on Earth, and Cannonball rapidly took benefit of his weak point!

With the launch of the brand new age X-Men group the New Mutants got here a mutant with the facility to redirect kinetic vitality into highly effective blasts, and that mutant took out Marvel’s model of Superman. Over time, the mutant named Cannonball graduated from the New Mutants group and joined up with the Cable-founded X-Force then made one other swap to changing into a full-fledged member of the X-Men. During his preliminary stint with the X-Men, Cannonball tangled with the hero Gladiator and destroyed him. 

In Uncanny X-Men #341 by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira, Cannonball and different members of the X-Men are having fun with a quiet winter night time in New York celebrating Christmas. In the center of the festivities, the Shi’ar warrior Gladiator crash lands on Earth, and Cannonball rushes to the scene of influence. Gladiator grabs Cannonball aggressively, saying he wants to talk with the X-Men, however Cannonball as an alternative reacts to Gladiator’s threatening gesture, sparking an all-out brawl between them. 


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At first, Gladiator is pummeling Cannonball whereas Sam’s finest maneuver is to easily evade the Shi’ar warrior. Gladiator’s powers are much like Superman including super-strength, flight, and even warmth imaginative and prescient. In truth, Gladiator is nearly a reproduction of Superman apart from one factor, his weak point. Gladiator’s powers are fueled by his confidence, the extra assured he’s the extra highly effective he’ll grow to be, however the reverse can also be true. Once Gladiator begins to lose confidence in his talents, his powers diminish, which is what Cannonball is finally in a position to make the most of. 

As Gladiator is gearing as much as land the ultimate blow on Cannonball, Sam is ready to kick his powers into excessive gear. Cannonball absorbs Gladiator’s strongest punch by redirecting his kinetic vitality and utilizing it to create an enormous blast. Seeing that his strongest assault had no influence on the X-Men member, Gladiator loses focus and extra debilitatingly loses confidence in himself. Cannonball makes use of that opportunity to demolish Gladiator, slamming him into the bottom with a massively highly effective strike, and ending the battle proper then and there. 

Up till that time in Marvel Comics, Cannonball had by no means gotten a serious highlight for a way highly effective he really is. Sam was all the time a serious asset to whichever X-Team he was part of, however by no means actually stood out on his personal. After his tangle with Gladiator, Cannonball proved the huge extent of his energy and rapidly grew to become a stand-out member of the X-Men within the eyes of followers, unable to imagine that the child from New Mutants was in a position to take down one of the crucial highly effective characters within the Marvel Universe. X-Men’s Cannonball as soon as destroyed Marvel’s Superman which stands as one of the crucial epic moments in X-Men comedian historical past.

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