Now, this first date fail is explicitly cringeworthy — simply have a look and “c.”

Molly Hair, a social employee from Missouri, has racked up over 6 million TikTok views within the final three days for digitally blasting a would-be love curiosity who referred to as her the C-word in a textual content message he meant to ship to a buddy simply moments earlier than their preliminary rendezvous in June. 

“I was on my way to a first date and this happened,” Hair, 26, penned within the close-captions of her viral publish that she sarcastically titled “Chivalry is alive.” A screenshot of her dopey date’s ill-fated text served because the clip’s backdrop. 

“Waiting on this c–t,” the man‘s unintended message learn. “I took a pinch for confidence,” he continued, suggesting that he might need downed a swig of alcohol or ingested another soothing substance as a way to uninteresting his first date jitters. 

Woman goes TikTok viral for blasting a date who by chance referred to as her the C-word.

But the mysterious “pinch” of no matter it was that was alleged to make him seem cool solely precipitated him to textual content like a idiot.  

“Omg I was joking with a buddy,” he wrote instantly after realizing his boneheaded blunder. “I’m just going to leave,” he added, emphasizing his embarrassment with two shameful face-palm emojis. 

The man then lavished an abject apology onto Hair, saying, “Omg I don’t actually assume [of you as the C-word] in any respect I joke an excessive amount of I say s–t like that simply to say it.

“I completely understand if this is over.” 

He went on to cellphone her a couple of occasions, apparently hoping to in some way salvage their night. But she ignored the calls. 

Hair, a social worker and aspiring singer, regrets not blocking the guy after his offensive flub.
Hair, a social employee and aspiring singer, regrets not blocking the man after his offensive flub.
Courtesy of @mollyhair2

Instead, Hair politely responded with: “Yeah to be honest I’m not really comfortable meeting anymore. I just don’t really feel like it’s okay to call women that even as a joke and I see it as a red flag sorry!”

And even after she gave him a pleasant “thanks-but-no-thanks” send-off, the man continued badgering with continuous texts. He even blamed God for his messy messaging misstep. 

“I’m really f–king sorry Molly in no way shape or form that I think of you that way I talk too much and I’m not as funny as I think. I’m not trying to reconcile but I do want to apologize sincerely I’m sorry. I missed out I’m sure,” he lamented. “I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it, [it is] God‘s plan I guess. I was so excited to see you I was just trying to be funny with Joe omg.”

Hair's foul-mouthed date tried to recover after his texted offense.
Hair’s foul-mouthed date tried to get well after his texted offense.
Courtesy of @mollyhair

Hair assured him that she had accepted his apology, advised he think about the snafu a teachable second and wished him week. 

But he stored on texting. 

The sleazy wordsmith’s repeated pleas for Hair’s affections rolled over into the following month. 

He even despatched a Hail Mary “Hey” message on Oct. 30 within the hopes she’d be prepared to present their love one other shot. 

Hair began ignoring the guy's persistent pleas for another shot at her heart.
Hair started ignoring the man’s persistent pleas for an additional shot at her coronary heart.
Courtesy of @mollyhair

And Hair now needs she would have blocked the bozo as quickly as she obtained his tasteless textual content. 

“I was probably way too nice in rejecting him,” she mentioned on TikTok, noting that she views his persistent makes an attempt to re-establish their relationship as a cautionary pink flag. 

“The social worker in me just wants to help people learn and grow from their mistakes,” she added. “I probably should have just ignored him.” 

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