WizKid has revealed the D&D Icons of the Realms: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle mini set, which has characters primarily based on the 80s D&D animated sequence.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the Eighties shall be making a comeback in 2022, as WizKids has introduced a line of miniatures for the subsequent D&D Starter Set that can characteristic modernized variations of basic characters from the sequence. D&D has referenced the cartoon in 5e campaigns prior to now, however has largely averted gamers taking up the position of characters from the sequence.

The subsequent D&D Starter Set is D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle. The set was formally introduced throughout the first-ever D&D Direct on-line showcase, however it was revealed earlier by Hasbro throughout a latest product trailer. D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle incorporates a single set of the six primary cube, a primary rulebook, a set of 5 pre-made character sheets, and the Dragons of Stormwreck Isle journey. This new set will even launch alongside some free digital onboarding instruments which are meant to assist new gamers familiarize yourself with the sport.


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The D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle announcement included the quilt artwork for the field and the journey e book, with the paintings depicting totally different D&D heroes preventing a blue dragon. Fans shortly seen that these characters bore a powerful resemblance to a number of the heroes from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon sequence. This appears to be the case, as in response to ICv2, WizKids is releasing a set of minis for D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle that options modernized variations of a number of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon characters. The set is because of launch in September 2022.

Dungeons & Dragons Mini Cartoon Set

Four of the 5 characters within the D&D Icons of the Realms: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle set are primarily based on a number of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon’s heroes. The Paladin is predicated on Eric the cowardly Cavalier, the Fighter is predicated on Hank, who was a Ranger with a magical Force Bow within the sequence, the Rogue is Diana, who has ditched her fur bikini and her Thief-Acrobat class within the soar to 5e, and the Wizard is Presto, the previously bumbling apprentice magician who pulled methods out of his hat. The fifth character within the set known as the Cleric and he or she would not look like primarily based on anybody from the sequence.

The official web page for D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle mentions that it incorporates 5 ready-to-play characters, and it is seemingly that these are represented by the minis within the set. The design of those characters might be only a cute reference on the a part of the creators of the set, however it’ll nonetheless encourage hope from the followers that the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon could be remade. If Magic: The Gathering can get a Netflix present, then certainly there’s an opportunity that D&D may additionally make its strategy to the small display sooner or later.

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D&D Icons of the Realms: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle shall be launched in September 2022.

Source: ICv2

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