Neha Bindal, a Delhiite who attends her workplace solely on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and works majorly from house on the remainder of the weekdays can normally be present in her jammies. “WFH life is majorly lit! I can’t think of wearing a saree for official video meetings in this heat, and think about donning them for office! In fact, even when I have to attend weddings amid the pandemic, my fashion choices have shifted from sarees to suits! The WFH life has taught me the value of comfortable fashion, and there’s no going back now,” she says. And Bindal’s plight is kind of relatable for ladies and men throughout Delhi-NCR who’ve turn into accustomed to sure wardrobe and way of life adjustments and are actually having withdrawal signs whereas getting again to life put up pandemic.

Bra-kaar ki baatien mat karo yaar!

“There was a time when I used to come back home from a typical work day and the first thing I use to do was to take off my bra and fling it across my room, and the feeling of freedom was bra-vo! Because of staying indoors and working from home, I have completely stopped wearing bra, and I don’t want to go back from my bra-less days to wearing a bra that prisons my bust! Every girl has two types of bras in her wardrobe – one we call as the comfy grandma bra, which has no push up, no support and is extremely comfortable and useless in function. The second is the pretty bra – it’s expensive, tight, lacy and very uncomfortable with wires and push up functions. After working braless for over a year, I can’t even go back to embracing the grandma bra – that’s how accustomed I have become to freedom,” shares Shweta Kataria, a resident of Noida.

Threading: Yeh kya hota hai bro?

“I am hairy and I like it,” says Preeti Sarin a banking skilled from Gurugram. “At first I was thinking that I’m not getting threading and waxing done because of Delhi winters, but now as we are nearing the summers, I realise that embracing however my body is naturally has actually become a gift for me. When I used to attend office physically, The sort of peer pressure to look a particular way during meetings from having perfectly manicured nails to sharp eyebrows was immense. This pressure was partly because of comments on personal appearance as jokes by colleagues. But now that we all have been working from home, the fact is that many of my colleagues have become comfortable in their skin and have started appreciating their natural features. We don’t call each other out for being a bhaalu anymore. The past year has given us time to look in the mirror sans make up and love who you see for how she naturally is. Unkempt eyebrows are going to be my new fashion statement even if we return to office soon!”

Heels se chutkara paa kar pair heal ho gaye

“I shall be mendacity if I don’t confess that flip flops have turn into my new BFF. The very last thing that anybody sees on video conferences and calls is your ft. Being a company boss, heels was once part of a robust vogue assertion of mine. I used to like making the clicking clack noise as I walked throughout convention rooms to make my level. However, within the final 12 months, working from house I’ve realized the snug choices that chappals are. Multi-purpose and simple to stroll in, I exploit chappals all day, from working at my work station at house to brining a packet of milk from the kirana store. I’ve sworn off heels endlessly. My again ache, calves ache, and corn on my ft – has all disappeared. Now each time I get a pedicure, it’s advantages are literally capable of keep for an extended period than only a week!

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