Twitter consumer @3sik got here throughout this GIF of WINNER‘s Jinu smiling like sunshine…

…and, well, it’s comprehensible the way it instantly triggered @3sik’s “Protect This Man At All Costs” mode. Unaware that Jinu accomplished his service between 2020-2021, @3sik begged Jinu, in a frantic tweet, to “not enlist.” 

| @h2y_SIRI/Twitter

Oppa, please don’t enlist.

— Twitter @3sick3sick

Unintentionally, @3sik’s response caught the eye of one other Twitter consumer @SIRI who, equally frantically, threw arms at @3sik for “trying to send Jinu back to the military.” Though tough in language, @3sik apologized for pushing @SIRI’s button; Though, to be honest, the enlistment is principally an open wound for any K-Pop fan with a male bias.

| @h2y_SIRI/Twitter

SIRI: He’s completed together with his service, you dumb f*ck. Why are you attempting to ship Jinu again to the navy?

3sik: F*CK I’M SORRY

The quantity of panic and chaos within the string of tweets had been greater than sufficient to make the thread pattern…

WTH? Just bamboozled. Oppa is actually 32 years previous.

— Twitter @h2y_SIRI

…nevertheless it went “REALLY REALLY” viral when WINNER’s Jinu discovered the dialog.

WINNER’s Jinu | @xxjjjwww/Instagram

Posting the tweets to his Instagram Stories, Jinu had probably the most hilarious response:

Jinu’s Instagram story. | @xxjjjwww/Instagram

Jinu acknowledged the plain love for him evident within the tweets, although playfully roasting the sheer quantity of aggressiveness within the interplay!

What a stunning dialog 💙

— Jinu

Korean on-line communities, like theqoo, picked up on Jinu’s Instagram replace and K-Pop followers had an excellent snigger over how 200% completed Jinu sounds at these two non-WINNER followers beefing over his enlistment.

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)

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