Talking about blurring of demarcations between movie and OTT actors, actor Plabita Borthakur feels it’s taking place however slowly, and it’ll take time and can’t occur in a single day.

No stranger to the net house, actor Plabita Borthakur is kind of having fun with this new medium. In truth she thinks, even Bollywood stars are actually lining as much as discover the medium as effectively within the hope to point out a distinct aspect to them.

“I also feel the process of filmmaking has changed a lot. A lot of people who we thought are stars and might not be great actors, might prove us wrong very soon. Many of these stars are now doing OTT. They will also adapt to the new medium. Great stars might just surprise us with their acting on OTT,” she says.

So does that imply that the star chasing tradition come son OTT as effectively?

“There is a lot of content that is being made and consumed on OTT. It is not that the shows which have stars in its cast are only being made. There are also shows with other actors who are not stars and they are doing well,” says Borthakur, who has starred in net initiatives like What’s Your Status, Breathe : Into the Shadows, Bombay Begums and Sutliyan.

Talking about blurring of demarcations between movie and OTT actors, she says, “I think it is happening but it is slow. It will take time and cannot happen overnight. People adapted… Because of Covid everything has indeed moved to OTT, and so have the stars.”

Borthakur additionally feels that even the viewers has moved to OTT. “People are now complacent watching movies in their homes very few will go and watch anything in cinemas nowadays. People will go to watch a play but not films because they know that it will come on OTT soon,” she ends.

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