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After Obi-Wan Kenobi’s opening episodes established the chilly relationship between Owen Lars, the Jedi, the Skywalker historical past, and Kenobi, followers are curious as to why Lars stored Luke’s title as Skywalker.

Lars has featured prominently within the sequence to date, nonetheless fuming with the titular Jedi over the failures of the order, and Obi-Wan’s incapacity to really cease Anakin earlier than he turned the worst dude within the galaxy. But the large query is about Luke — why would you retain his final title as Skywalker?

After all, why would a baby in hiding from Darth Vader and the Empire simply seemingly stick by his father’s final title? Why not simply undertake Lars? Reddit, the hive of massive mind galactic takes is on the case, with many presenting their ideas after a submit was made to /r/FanTheories by /u/Funkguerilla.

The authentic submit suggests it’s as a consequence of Owen wishing to honor the reminiscence of his useless stepmother Shmi (who could or could not have been a slave underneath his father). But, the feedback are very a lot in disagreement over this. There are a plethora of points folks take with this idea, similar to that maybe Lars wished Luke to be discovered and fulfill his coaching.

Or perhaps George Lucas simply didn’t plan every little thing out means forward of time.

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Others pitch the concept Vader would by no means have recognized his children have been born, as Emperor Palpatine instructed him that she died lengthy earlier than giving start. There’s additionally the likelihood Vader knew however is only a little bit of a deadbeat dad, which additionally feels very Star Wars.

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Citing real-world examples, others are fully dismissive of this even being an issue. In a galaxy as giant because the one seen in Star Wars, is Skywalker really that uncommon a reputation? Could it simply be the “Smith” or “Johnson” of area?

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The wars within the stars will proceed to seize streaming audiences anyway, because the web awaits the ultimate episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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