Hawkeye introduces Marvel’s latest felony group, the Tracksuit Mafia. Here’s why the felony group is obsessive about the phrase “bro.”

WARNING: The following comprises SPOILERS for Hawkeye.

Marvel’s Disney+ collection Hawkeye introduces the Tracksuit Mafia, the MCU show’s villains, who’re an underground crime group sworn on looking for vengeance towards the vigilante, Ronin — however why does this bunch of criminals at all times use the phrase “bro”? In simply the primary two episodes, Hawkeye establishes the vibe round this new group of protagonists — and, whereas they is likely to be brutal, the air of incompetence round them turns the Tracksuit Mafia into one thing comical. It turns into instantly apparent upon their arrival that the phrase “bro” makes up at the very least 50% of their vocabulary — however why is that?


After shedding his complete household on the finish of Avengers: Infinity WarClint Barton (Jeremy Renner) channeled his anger and grief into a brand new persona — the vigilante often called Ronin. Ronin traveled the world, intent on cleansing out organized crime within the underbellies of cities from the U.S. to Japan. Clint hung up his Ronin swimsuit to assist the Avengers restore the world again to its pure order in Avengers: EndgameHawkeye sees Clint having to return to phrases along with his actions throughout his time as Ronin after an assault by the Tracksuit Mafia is thwarted by a younger Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), making her the brand new primary goal of the felony group.

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The largest perpetrator behind the Tracksuit Mafia’s overuse of the phrase “bro” is the group’s restricted intelligence. They might have brute drive in spades, however they’re finally missing within the smarts division. Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini) summed the crime group up the perfect in Hawkeye season 1, episode 2, “Hide and Seek” — “Jesus, not those idiots.” They cowl Clint’s head with a see-through bag throughout his “kidnapping,” they’re unable to understand that Kate Bishop is a lady, and so they’re simply baited into arguing the finer factors of actual property. The variety of rookie mistakes in Hawkeye made by the criminals explains how Ronin was in a position to take them on single-handedly: the Tracksuit Mafia isn’t comprised of the brightest members of the felony underworld.

Hawkeye Tracksuit Mafia

The overuse of the phrase in Hawkeye additionally serves to focus on the hive mentality that makes up the Tracksuit Mafia. From their vocabulary to their clothes, the group is a virtually homogenous group. True to their identify, every member dons matching, shiny pink jumpsuits. Their appearances are even comparable, with most of them sporting nearly similar beards. With every member ceaselessly parroting the phrase “bro” to one another, it solely additional alludes to the concept that every member of the Tracksuit Mafia is like-mindedly easy.

The Tracksuit Mafia — and their character — comes straight from the Hawkeye comics. Making their showing in Hawkeye Issue 1, the Tracksuit Mafia, who Clint refers to because the “Tracksuit Draculas,” the group makes use of their signature “bro” simply as ceaselessly within the comics as they do Hawkeye. Even within the comics, the group’s missing intelligence makes frequent appearances. If Hawkeye continues to take from the comics because it has to date, it is doubtless that the Tracksuit Mafia is not going to get any brighter — nor will they be shedding the phrase “bro” any time quickly.

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