MANG lastly took off their masks.

ARMYs are praising BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ transformation of J-Hope-created character MANG.


MANG is described as a masked dancing pony. Although MANG appears to be a horse, the characteristics are based on the horse-like mask. So, BT21 fans do not really know what MANG looks like.

MANG is a purple creature-alike wearing a light-blue horse mask. Their horse mask has a pink heart-shape nose, an indigo hair, and long string with a short indigo tail attached to the bottom of the hair. Mang is evidently identified as non-binary or gender neutral as they had chosen to go in between the male and female toilet doors during the BT21 discussion video. Mang can also be genderfluid, as they shift between the pronouns ‘she’ and ‘he’ in varied descriptions.

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In BT21 UNIVERSE 2 ANIMATION Episode 8, MANG’s idol and mentor, CONN, inspired them since they suffered from efficiency nervousness.

CONN advised MANG to beat their fears in order that they might develop into a dancer. He additionally gave MANG the masks to assist them get on stage comfortably in entrance of others, so they might be much less involved with how individuals understand them.

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Yet, CONN hoped that MANG wouldn’t depend on the masks eternally. He wished for MANG to finally take away the masks to succeed in their full potential.


It appears that that day has come.

BT21 uploaded an image of MANG dressed up in an RJ-designed outfit by way of their members’ shared Instagram account.

The put up might remind ARMYs of some various things.

In Run BTS! Episode 29, Jin, who created RJ, styled J-Hope. The elaborate design of the outfit worn by MANG places us in thoughts of Jin’s design in Run BTS! Episodes 104 and 105, although.

Jin (left) and J-Hope (proper) in “Run BTS!” Episode 29 | BTS/VLIVE

The put up may be a reference to J-Hope’s latest appearances at Louis Vuitton and DIOR‘s fashion shows in Paris, France, for Fashion Week.

But ARMYs believe it has even greater symbolization as they noticed that MANG is holding their mask, meaning they took it off for the first time.

ARMYs believe that MANG has finally become confident in their identity, which might parallel J-Hope. The fandom agrees that he has recently appeared happier and freer to be himself.


you don’t perceive how a lot I’m joyful now, mang lastly realized how fairly he’s and he doesn’t want to cover his face from anybody for any causes…. #mang#jhope#junghoseok #hoseok #jhopemang#bts #army #btsarmy #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – can’

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