The Final Fantasy video games have been common because the first installment was launched in 1987. Since then, fourteen different predominant titles have been launched, in addition to quite a lot of spin-off video games over numerous platforms. The video games comply with completely different characters and storylines, which signifies that the Final Fantasy franchise has no scarcity of attention-grabbing characters which were beloved by followers for years.

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These characters have wealthy and attention-grabbing backgrounds and distinctive personalities, and followers can select their favourite based mostly on their storyline or their persona sort. Twelve characters line up with an indication from the Zodiac so effectively that gamers can decide which character they might relate to essentially the most based mostly on their very own signal.


Aries – Zidane

Final Fantasy 9 Zidane Dual Blades

An Aries persona is daring and aggressive. They are typically mischievous, energetic, and prepared to dive into any job headfirst. This can usually end in them discovering themselves in some sophisticated conditions that won’t at all times be straightforward to get out of.

Zidane is enjoyable and flirtatious. He embodies an Aries persona along with his do-first-think-later angle. This finally serves him effectively because it leads him to search out love and heroism, however there isn’t a doubt that it has discovered him some hassle, as effectively.

Taurus – Cloud

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Fan Medley

A Taurus is dependable and protecting. They will at all times come by way of for the individuals which can be necessary to them and can sacrifice something to make sure the protection of those who they love. They additionally are typically cussed and uncompromising, making them a tough individual to cause with or persuade in opposition to their very own convictions.

Cloud is among the fan favorites and one of many most likable characters of Final Fantasy VII. He is stoic and reserved however very removed from unfeeling. He grows to care so strongly for the members of his celebration that he would give something to maintain them protected. Unfortunately, he’s not at all times profitable.

Gemini – Terra

Terra Branford in Final Fantasy

Geminis are recognized for being affectionate and curious. However, with their signal being the dual, they usually have a aspect of themselves that contradicts the primary. This could make them barely inconsistent and indecisive.

Terra begins her sport with no reminiscences of her previous. She is uncertain of who she is and is consistently apprehensive about her personal morality from earlier than what she will keep in mind. Eventually, she regains her reminiscences and picks a aspect within the battle, turning into extra assured. However, her two contradicting sides will at all times be part of her.

Cancer – Squall

Squall Final Fantasy

Cancer personalities are loyal however are likely to wrestle with their very own emotional expression. They may be moody and pessimistic, making them suspicious of the individuals round them. Once they do set up a relationship with somebody, nevertheless, it’s ironclad.

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Squall is introverted and cautious of any relationships. He misplaced his household earlier than he might know them, which affected his capacity to comfortably make connections with individuals. However, he’s at his core good-natured and picks up management positions simply, although considerably in opposition to his will.

Leo – Tidus

Tidus in Final Fantasy

Leos are passionate, gifted, and cheerful. However, their easy ability at principally something they fight usually leads them to be boastful and barely self-centered.

Tidus is from Final Fantasy X, which is among the best mainline games for beginners. He is a talented athlete who lives on the middle of his personal universe. He begins out as extraordinarily boastful and self-centered, however when his world comes crashing down round him, he should step out of his personal naive worldview to assist save everybody. This warm-hearted ardour, with a contact of vanity, is precisely what makes him an ideal Leo.

Virgo – Bugenhagen

Bugenhagen Final Fantasy

Virgos are clever and analytical. They are at all times in pursuit of information and care vastly about their work. This can generally cause them to put work and obligation above themselves or the individuals round them.

Bugenhagen is the one who units Cloud and his staff on their quest. He cares deeply concerning the salvation of humanity and relies upon vastly on the acquisition of information in an effort to succeed on this. He is sensible and compassionate, making him an awesome confidant for these looking for steerage.

Libra – Noctis

Noctis in Final Fantasy XV

Libras are diplomatic and fair-minded, which makes them nice leaders. They acknowledge the duty of creating choices and are extraordinarily captivated with individuals receiving the care and justice they’re due.

Noctis is among the best characters introduced after Final Fantasy VII. He has grown up watching his father rule as king and has nice respect for the function. He acknowledges the necessity for good rulership. However, his understanding and respect for the function have additionally made him indecisive and nervous about taking the throne himself. This warning makes him uniquely able to main and the right instance of a Libra.

Scorpio – Vincent

Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy

Scorpios are likely to experience the fence between good and dangerous. They have an awesome capability for evil, being typically highly effective and passionate. However, these similar qualities could make them a drive for good.

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Vincent is silent and distrusting, nevertheless it turns into clear that, in his coronary heart, he cares deeply and can willingly sacrifice himself for others. He has a previous that he’ll endlessly search amends for, so he makes use of his nice energy and ability to result in a greater world.

Sagittarius – Aerith

Aerith Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A Sagittarius persona will usually be idealistic, playful, and adventurous. They are everlasting optimists who will at all times maintain a very good humorousness and check out their greatest to construct up the individuals they care about.

Aerith is upbeat and joyful, making her the right distinction to Cloud. She at all times tries to see the nice in individuals, which permits her to make connections with those that should not at all times as comfy sharing their emotions. In basic Sagittarius style, she at all times expects rather a lot from herself and can at all times stand along with her staff to the very finish.

Capricorn – Tifa

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII staring off into the distance with a small smile

A Capricorn is accountable and robust. They are pure leaders and can usually function the voice of cause inside a bunch. They are typically good-natured and well-mannered, stuffed with compassion and take care of the individuals round them.

Tifa was Cloud’s childhood pal and the explanation he joined Avalanche. She is shy and empathetic, however she is going to at all times give her recommendation and encouragement when her staff wants it. She could be very level-headed, which is a good steadiness for many who are typically extra spontaneous.

Aquarius – Yuna

Yuna in a Final Fantasy game

An Aquarius is usually a progressive humanitarian. They take care of the event and well-being of all individuals and can usually be captivated with their mission and objectives.

Yuna is among the best female characters in Final Fantasy. She is extraordinarily devoted to her trigger and cares above all else about serving humanity. While she is initially devoted to the teachings of Yevon, she is finally open-minded and prepared to suppose for herself and discover her personal means.

Pisces – Vivi

Vivi in Final Fantasy IX

A Pisces will usually be intuitive and compassionate however can be fearful and gullible. They are mild and emotional, however on account of their tendency to overtrust the fallacious individuals, they incessantly discover themselves damage or in tough conditions.

Vivi is a personality that could be very confused about his life and id. He is scared of principally the whole lot and doubts his personal magical capacity, and he’s not assured sufficient to take dangers in an effort to save the individuals round him. However, his care and compassion finally lead him to take a couple of extra possibilities and take cost of himself, main him to rely much less on others.

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