Netflix lately introduced the forged for his or her live-action adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Actress Amber Midthunder, recognized particularly for her function as Naru in Prey, was forged as Princess Yue, and Midthunder shared in an interview how excited she is to be taking over this function since she’s such an enormous fan of the sequence.

Princess Yue is without doubt one of the most attention-grabbing characters within the animated sequence. She develops a robust reference to Sokka, however they’re unable to pursue a romance as a result of Yue is engaged. However, in a while, in a heartbreaking scene, her character sacrifices herself to avoid wasting the world. Still, there are a number of advanced and attention-grabbing characters on this sequence, corresponding to Katara and Zuko, and all of them may be assigned an Enneagram sort.


9/9 Suki – The Perfectionist

Those who match into the Perfectionist sort have a robust sense of responsibility and consider in a stern set of rules. These people attempt to at all times observe the principles, and their moral sense in the direction of others and their society are considered one of their finest attributes. However, they will also be extraordinarily crucial, particularly in the direction of themselves.

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As the chief of the Kyoshi Warriors of her village, Suki takes her job as a protector very significantly. She makes positive to perform any activity that comes her manner, however her primary precedence is to maintain all harmless individuals secure. Her empathy and dedication to her job as a warrior work hand in hand, making Suki one of many fiercest and most loyal warriors within the sequence.

8/9 Katara – The Helper

Katara controlling water

The second sort of Enneagram sort, The Helper, is an individual who continuously tries to offer others what they want, even when it crosses their very own boundaries. The Helpers are beneficiant and selfless, at all times placing different individuals’s wants above their very own. However, this may additionally trigger them issues, because it’s additionally vital for them to deal with themselves.

Katara is principally the mom-friend of the group. She makes positive Sokka, Aang, and Toph (a lot to her consternation) are at all times alright, and he or she continuously makes sacrifices to assist others. On high of that, she at all times made positive that the individuals they met on their journey had been as secure as attainable. Her primary precedence is at all times the wellness of her household and her group.

7/9 Toph – The Achiever

Toph with a grim expresion

The Achiever sort is usually fearful about proving to others their value. It’s vital for them to develop into one of the best model of themselves attainable, and never show any weaknesses. Since failure is their greatest worry, they’re onerous staff who continuously enhance themselves, even it if leaves them exhausted.

Toph, considered one of the strongest characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, seems like she has to behave harder than she actually wants. She continuously tries to show to others that she doesn’t want their assist. Her worry of being perceived as weak for her blindness makes her prepare twice as onerous as every other individual within the sequence.

6/9 Zuko – The Individualist

Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender controlling fire

One of an important issues for the Individualist is to be seen and understood by others. These very emotional individuals do every thing they’ll to distinguish themselves from others, attempting to be as distinctive as attainable. Since they’re very wise, they’ve a really lively internal life, however they will also be emotionally unstable.

During Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko spent an excessive amount of time attempting to impress his father, Prince Ozai, the primary villain of the sequence. However, he ultimately realized his father’s beliefs had been mistaken and have become part of Aang’s group. This determination proves how empathic Zuko is, plus, the power of following his personal beliefs, making him the best character from the Fire Nation.

5/9 Iroh – The Investigator

Iroh thinking

Those who match into the Investigator Enneagram sort like to discover and analyze the world. Their robust curiosity takes them to the attention-grabbing path of data, and so they are typically extremely good. However, their robust internal life generally retains them from interacting with others, and so they have a tendency to speak in cryptic methods.

Zuko’s uncle, Iroh, is one of the mentors in the series. He accompanies Zuko throughout most of his mission, and he is his primary advisor. Although he is Prince Ozai’s brother, it is apparent Iroh will not be grasping or evil, however largely inquisitive about pursuing information and taking part in Pai Sho. Iron is an clever, sensible man, who tries to offer his nephew one of the best instruments – though generally he could possibly be extra clear along with his recommendation.

4/9 Sokka – The Loyalist

Sokka looking skeptic

The Loyalists are recognized for his or her pragmatism and fixed fear concerning the future. This Enneagram sort tries to be ready for any form of state of affairs. They’re additionally fiercely loyal, and an important factor for them is to maintain their family members at all times secure.

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As the one member of the group who cannot bend any parts, Sokka feels at a drawback. However, he continuously makes use of his ingenuity to give you good plans. Sokka cares deeply about his mates, and although tries to point out a tricky perspective, he would die for the individuals he loves.

3/9 Aang – The Enthusiast

Aang in Avatar The Last Airbender flying his kite

As their title describes, the Enthusiasts present large quantities of vitality and pleasure. They love journey over anything, and so they’re at all times on the lookout for novelty of their lives. However, their fixed want for positivity, makes it onerous for them to course of their damaging feelings, which ultimately blows of their face.

As the Avatar of his time, Aang needed to show nice management of his feelings. He’s the best character from the Air Temples and a light-hearted and good-intentioned boy who does his finest to at all times be comfortable and share happiness with the individuals who encompass him. Still, when his damaging feelings take a maintain of him, he tries to disregard them, ultimately blowing up.

2/9 Azula – The Challenger

Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender smirking

The Challenger Enneagram sort describes individuals who like to be in management. Generally, they’re assertive, dominant, and never afraid of battle. Known for at all times pursuing what they need, this kind could appear ruthless, however additionally they care deeply about their family members, doing every thing they’ll to guard them.

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Azula, Zuko’s sister, and Prince Ozai’s daughter, believes she’s entitled to rule all of the nations. She greedily seeks to acquire energy, believing that it’s going to her invulnerable. Her want to regulate drives her to humiliate, torture, and even kill others. However, Azula grows out of this perspective, and ultimately, it turns into apparent that she does care about her household and mates.

1/9 Princess Yue – The Peacemaker

Princess Yue smiling in Avatar the Last Airbender

Peacemakers worth tranquility above every thing else. In their supreme world, there are not any conflicts and everybody will get alongside in peace and concord. They typically act as intermediaries, attempting to resolve any disputes earlier than they develop into sufficiently big to do any hurt. They care about making individuals comfortable, and can typically let others dictate the rhythm of their relationships.

There was nothing extra vital for Princess Yue than maintaining peace in her group. She gave up her personal private happiness with Sokka and determined to marry Hahn, so her tribe would not endure. On high of that, she ultimately sacrificed herself to guard the Moon Spirit and save the world.

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