The fashionable canon of anime is among the most numerous collections in all media, with distinctive tales, concepts, and characters spanning tons of of various exhibits. As such, there’s one thing for everyone – and, inevitably, one thing that matches their zodiac indicators.

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Every signal is exclusive, so there’s naturally an anime character that meshes properly with everybody watching in some form or kind. They all have numerous core attributes that make them the right representations of the numerous particular indicators of the zodiac.

Updated on April sixth, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Just as there’s a zodiac signal for each anime character, there are a number of characters that match neatly with the character traits of each zodiac signal. Even generally characters who seem to be they could not be extra totally different even have traits in widespread, like an older environmentalist and a teenage woman searching monsters. Anime followers is perhaps stunned simply which zodiac indicators opposing characters match up with.


Aries: Michiko Malandro And Sakura Kinomoto

A split image features Michiko Malandro from Michiko and Hatchin alongside Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Hot-headed, assured, and all the time rooting for underdogs, each Aries is robust of their convictions and unwavering of their route. They hate when others get of their approach, particularly when their family members are in danger. Passion drives them.

That makes Michiko of Michiko & Hatchin the last word Aries, along with her fight abilities, eagerness for a battle, and lengthy historical past as an individual who stands up for the little individuals. She’s loyal to a fault, but she is aware of her personal price and energy. And whereas her rage would possibly foil her plans at instances, in the end an Aries has to do what an Aries has to do. She truly has so much in widespread with the seemingly meek Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura. That loyalty and drive is one thing they share. Sakura won’t embrace her rage, however she does permit her love for others to drive her as properly. She’s additionally canonically an Aries along with her zodiac signal within the anime attributed to her April 1 birthday.

Taurus: Himura Kenshin

Kenshin drawing his sword in Rurouni Kenshin

Tauruses are outlined by their love for peace and quiet. They get pleasure from being in nature and savoring the little issues in life – all of that are emblems of Kenshin (of the anime Ruroni Kenshin), who traded his bloodthirsty previous for a peaceable current.

Kenshin is thought for his light demeanor, striving to grasp everybody he meets. He solely kills as a final resort, going as far as to design his sword so it will not draw blood (something fans of The Witcher might appreciate). All Kenshin desires is to guide a easy life with the individuals he loves, which is a traditional Taurus life aim.

Gemini: L Lawliet

As one of the misunderstood indicators, Geminis are constructed of conflicting ideologies. They are typically good thinkers, but their approach of navigating the world is unconventional, considerably delinquent, and pretty sneaky. And if that is not Death Note’s nice detective L in a nutshell, then no zodiac signal is.

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L is notoriously gray in his morals, usually taking part in a number of sides to get what he desires, which is extra for the “greater good” than for his personal want to unravel issues. L is advanced and engaging, and to be in contrast with him is an indication of nice intelligence and aptitude in a single’s objectives – supplied they do not lose themselves within the course of.

Cancer: Takashi Natsume And Usagi Tsukino

A split image depicts Takashi Natsume of Natsume's Book Of Friends alongside Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal

Cancers are notoriously delicate, extremely empathetic, and nearly painfully in tune with the world round them. That completely sums up Natsume’s Book Of Friends’ titular Natsume, who’s so in contact with the world, he can see yokai – and his proficiency on this space makes his story one of the best occult anime. Despite how troublesome his life has been, Natsume all the time strives to be as form as attainable, and he takes the kindnesses of others very critically. He’s considerate to a fault, and is so fearful in regards to the emotions of others, he could be fairly oblivious in all different areas.

Like most different Cancers, his sensitivity is his curse, nevertheless it’s additionally his blessing. The identical is true of the titular character in Sailor Moon. Though Usagi Tsukino is perhaps a little bit extra egocentric than Natsume at first, she grows into somebody who all the time places the world first. She all the time desires to succeed in out to others and make mates as a substitute of imagine the rumors she hears as properly – form as a hero and a highschool scholar.

Leo: Victor Nikiforov

Yuri On Ice Yuri and Victor

Leos are the divas of the zodiacs: they’re fashionable, pleasant, and love being the focal point. They deal with rumors with ease, are naturally very fascinating, and do finest once they get to set their very own guidelines. That makes Yuri on Ice’s ice skating star Victor Nikiforov the perfect consultant for this fiery zodiac signal.

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Victor has been center-stage of the ice skating world since he was simply 16 years outdated. He’s extremely gifted, effortlessly charismatic, good-looking and well-groomed, and most of all, he is decided to be remembered as the most effective. Most of all, like a traditional Leo, he is romantic, and his attraction to Yuri Katsuki is one thing he feels no want to cover.

Virgo: Yuugo Hachiken

Hachiken hugs his pet piglet, "Pork Bowl"

If anybody was ever a Virgo, it will be Silver Spoon’s Hachiken. Virgos are hard-working, diligent, methodical, and are happiest when working with their arms – comparable to in agricultural fields. All of those traits match Hachiken just about completely.

Hachiken was such an overachiever, he burnt out in a standard faculty setting, and thus transferred to an agricultural faculty the place he discovered his true calling in life: farming! His work ethic helped him compensate for his lack of expertise with farm work, and his Virgo love for nature made the remainder simple.

Libra: Lelouch Vi Brittannia And Naruto Uzumaki

A split image features Lelouch Vi Brittannia of Code Geass and Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto

Many know Libras for his or her fixation with steadiness, however that might imply quite a few issues: a necessity for concord, a want for equality, and even only a easy love for aesthetics. In all of those regards, Lelouch Vi Brittania of Code Geass is an excellent example of a Libra.

The rebellious prince is keen to go to excessive lengths with a purpose to obtain his objectives, which entail the top of societal discrimination and the start of a brand new, harmonious period. While he may appear ruthless in his pursuits, he’s in the end appearing out of compassion and he takes care to ensure all ends are tied up properly. He and Naruto Uzumaki of the Naruto franchise have comparable objectives. Naruto is not as ruthless, however he’s simply as decided. Though he is a proficient fighter, followers have dubbed his capability to speak an enemy out of a battle “talk no jutsu.”

Scorpio: Haru

Beastars Season 2 Intro Legoshi and Haru

As one other misunderstood signal, Scorpios are sometimes feared for his or her secrecy, cleverness, and boldness. They’re assured of their sexuality and are sometimes troublesome to learn, and within the face of adversity, they retaliate with calculated calmness. Such assured people are sometimes reviled – similar to Cherryton High’s Haru of Beastars.

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Haru is a candy dwarf rabbit who sadly has to place up a entrance, resulting from all of the ridicule and infantilization she’s endured all through her life. Many college students see her as a risk resulting from how comfy she is in her pores and skin, each as a sexual being and as a assured younger woman. But Haru is keenly conscious of all of this – she simply prefers being herself on the contrary.

Sagittarius: Guts

Guts draws his blade in Berserk

The path of a Sagittarius is in the end their personal to grasp. Even when the going will get tough, their sense of particular person accountability stays their utmost precedence – and it’s this sense of particular person accountability that makes Berserk’s Guts a mannequin Sagittarius.

During the Golden Age, Guts had a very good life: he had good mates he might depend on, was making good cash, and had an opportunity to wield his sword for a worthy trigger. But in the end, he left that every one behind, as a result of he wanted to determine what his personal function for dwelling was. Every Sagittarius can relate to this powerful theme.

Capricorn: Ginko And Blake Belladonna

A split image depicts Ginko in Mushishi and Blake Belladonna in RWBY

Capricorns stroll a effective line between calculated proficiency and compassionate instinct. As such, Mushishi’s Ginko is the quintessential Capricorn, as he is devoted his life to learning mushi and serving to others stay amongst them whereas shedding a extra “human” look. Along with this, Capricorns are comfy mountaineering by rugged terrain, as they thrive in pure settings, and Ginko is all the time trekking by forests and mountains in his bid to protect the environment. With his pursuit of data, his boundless endurance, and his unwavering devotion, there isn’t a higher match for a Capricorn than Ginko.

Well, there may be one. RWBY’s Blake Belladonna has that sense of Capricorn responsibility, loyalty, and a real dedication to arduous work. She by no means provides up, regardless of how arduous a activity is, evident by her persevering with on her quest to rid the world of Grimm along with her mates regardless of each step of their journey making stopping Salem appear not possible. She’s devoted her life to turning into a Huntswoman, and even her faculty being attacked and shut down could not cease her.

Aquarius: Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu admires Shinji

Widely thought of to be the flower youngsters of the zodiac world, Aquariuses are dreamers, consistently trying to the longer term and the way they’ll change it for the higher – even when that change comes at a worth. With an nearly ethereal approach about them, it is apparent Kaworu of Neon Genesis Evangelion represents this signal the perfect.

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Even although he is solely current in a number of episodes, Kaworu’s presence is lasting, together with his distinctive look, otherworldly method, and weird approach of talking. At as soon as, he is each childishly whimsical, and frighteningly radical in his objectives. Kaworu is who each Aquarius strives to be – for higher, and for worse.

Pisces: Tsukimi Kurashita

Tsukimi visits Clara, her jellyfish friend

Pisces is the zodiac signal that may be a little quirky, as they occupy an area between actuality and daydreams. They fixate on issues intensely and may grow to be fairly spectacular artists. Therefore, who else is a greater Pisces in anime than Tsukimi, Princess Jellyfish herself?

Tsukimi is considerably of a recluse, discovering consolation in drawing clothes impressed by jellyfish. She’s gifted, form, and has a vivid future forward of her however her Pisces nature makes it troublesome for her to succeed in out past her consolation zone, preferring to remain in her room.

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