Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris performed a small however notable supporting position in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and this is the place to identify his character.

Years earlier than he turned Breaking Bad’s Hank, Dean Norris had a small however notable supporting position in Terminator 2: Judgment Day – this is the place to identify him. The Terminator made Arnold Schwarzenegger a film star nearly in a single day, along with making James Cameron a scorching director. Both would go on to much more profitable initiatives, however because the years handed, fan requires Terminator 2 solely turned louder. Cameron made the daring option to flip Arnie’s T-800 from a cold-blooded killer right into a protector who would not kill any human characters.


Schwarzenegger himself additionally questioned the logic of this, however Cameron felt that not solely did it present the right engine for the sequel. Cameron additionally took into consideration that his main man had grow to be a significant star following the unique, and he wished youthful viewers – who would doubtless watch whatever the film’s score – watching to view the T-800 as a hero who did not resort to killing. Judgment Day is the uncommon sequel that lived as much as the hype, setting a brand new benchmark for motion films and visible results. To some viewers, it stays the perfect of the saga and is unlikely to be topped – particularly trying on the high quality of later outings. One factor even those that’ve watched Terminator 2 many occasions could have missed is an look by Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris.

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While DEA agent Hank Schrader is definitely Dean Norris’ most well-known position, he has been performing because the late ’80s, making appearances within the likes of Lethal Weapon 2, Hard To Kill and Total Recall. He rapidly adopted his position as mutant Tony within the latter 1990 blockbuster with Terminator 2: Judgment Day because the SWAT Team Leader.

Dean Norris Is Terminator 2’s SWAT Team Leader

In the finale of Terminator 2, the titular cyborg, John and Sarah Connor and Skynet creator Miles Dyson are trying to destroy the Cyberdyne constructing to forestall Judgement Day. When the safety alarm is tripped, Dean Norris’ SWAT Team Leader and his crew enter the constructing. They have interaction Sarah and Dyson in a gunfight that finally ends up mortally wounding the latter, however whereas Sarah is rescued by the T-800, Dyson stays behind with a detonator. He provides Norris’ chief time to register this so he can get his males out of hurt’s manner, earlier than blowing out the ground.

It’s a bit difficult to identify Dean Norris in Terminator 2: Judgment Day since he wears a gasoline masks all through, however his voice is unmistakable. Unlike a lot of his smaller roles throughout his early profession – akin to a corrupt police officer in Hard To Kill – Norris truly survived Terminator 2 – which cut many scenes – and he would quickly go on to meatier roles.

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