Looks like she’s nonetheless relationship the married movie director.

In 2016, actress Kim Min Hee first turned embroiled in an infidelity scandal with movie director Hong Sang Soo following the film Right Now, Wrong Then. News reviews on the time revealed that Hong, a married man, and Kim had been collectively since 2015—after Kim “pursued” Hong and Hong “left his wife and daughter behind” to be with Kim.

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Actress Kim Min Hee | Berlin International Film Festival

By March 2017, Hong and Kim admitted and “went public” with their adulterous relationship. Kim—whose rising profession with The Handmaiden obtained demolished by the connection—has been appearing in Hong’s movies since, however the two have typically fallen off the radar of mainstream media.

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Hong Sang Soo (left) with Kim Min Hee (proper) in 2016. | Sports Chosun

In 2019, Hong was reported to have filed for divorce to legalize his relationship with Kim. The courtroom, nonetheless, denied the case, stating that Hong Sang Soo was the one chargeable for the wedding failing and so he couldn’t be the one to finish it. The courtroom additionally identified that Hong Sang Soo has not been diligent in therapeutic the connection between his spouse and daughter after he brought on them emotional ache along with his affair with Kim.

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The couple in 2017. | Sports Ilgan

Hong Sang Soo and his spouse’s marriage is in a nasty place. But Hong Sang Soo is the one primarily chargeable for this downfall. The courtroom doesn’t enable the one accountable to file a divorce until particular exceptions. Hong Sang Soo’s case isn’t a particular exception, and so the divorce is denied.

— Judge Kim Sang Jin

One of Kim’s most up-to-date official appearances was in Berlin on the 2022 Berlin International Film Festival.

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The couple in 2022. | Yonhap

After matching in black outfits on the purple carpet, Hong invited Kim to present an acceptance speech when his 2022 work, The Novelist’s Film, gained the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize.

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The couple through the competition. | Berlin International Film Festival

Then, in late November, an nameless Korean school scholar posted an image of the couple after recognizing them on campus at Konkuk University, the place Hong teaches movie.

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Konkuk University | CINE21

A sophomore on the college, the coed claimed, “Kim and Hong came out of Hong’s office together.”

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| @MinniyaSaranghae/DC Inside

I noticed them on campus this May. (My buddy took the photographs, however I can delete them in the event that they’re problematic.) Professor Hong’s workplace is on the second ground of the movie division constructing. And the executive workplace can be on the second ground, so I’m there so much. This day, I noticed the 2 of them come out of the professor’s workplace collectively. I used to be stunned to catch each of them there.

— Student

According to the sighting, Hong was hostile towards the buddy who acknowledged the couple and took the photographs.

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Kim Min Hee in all black. | @MinniyaSaranghae/DC Inside

I froze in time as a result of I used to be caught off guard. Kim Min Hee used the steps to go down. My buddy obtained a bit enthusiastic about the entire thing. Then, the professor observed us and glared at us as he adopted her. We weren’t enthusiastic about him in any respect, although. We have been completely happy to see Kim Min Hee.

— Student

The scholar added Kim was driving Hong round.

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Hong Sang Soo behind Kim Min Hee. | @MinniyaSaranghae/DC Inside

Anyway, the 2 of them left via the foyer and took off of their automotive. Kim Min Hee was carrying an all black outfit that appeared superb. What baffled me, although, is that Kim Min Hee was the one driving. I heard that senior residents are inspired to surrender their driver licenses. Is Hong Sang Soo that outdated? After this, I noticed them on campus from far-off yet one more time. I haven’t seen Kim Min Hee since.

I see Professor Hong on a regular basis, although. I see him not less than twice or 3 times per week. He teaches right here, so it is sensible. From what I’ve heard, Professor Hong is retiring this 12 months. I don’t know if I must be completely happy about that or not…

— Student

Neither Hong Sang Soo nor Kim Min Hee have recognized schedules in Korea as of now.

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