From Virat Kohli to Salman Khan, Lata Mangeshkar to the Ambanis, everybody got here collectively to fete Sachin Tendulkar a few decade in the past. In a video now being shared on-line, Priyanka Chopra could be seen asking Virat how Sachin impressed him.

The Indian captain, a fresh-faced younger man then, mentioned Sachin was the explanation he began taking part in cricket. “He is the reason I started playing cricket. Like me, I think most of the youngsters in India started playing cricket after watching Sachin. Today, it is a great honour to share the same dressing room with him. When I was young, my dream was only to meet him in real life and to get to know him personally is the best thing ever for him,” Virat mentioned.

At this level, Abhishek Bachchan, who was additionally part of the gathering lower in. “I would like to second what Virat said that Sachin was the reason a lot of us started playing cricket and Sachin was also the reason we all very quickly realised that we can’t be Sachin, so we should stop playing cricket and attempt something a bit easier in a field where we are not going to be compared, like acting. I want to say from a son’s point of view, I know Arjun (Sachin’s son Arjun Tendulkar) very well, I play cricket with him. I hope I am around when Arjun plays his hundredth hundred because I am sure he is going to follow in his father’s footsteps.”

The video is from 2012 when a celebration was held for Sachin Tendulkar to rejoice his a hundredth One Day International (ODI) century.

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