Jackie Chan has been performing his personal stunts over the course of his five-decade profession, and has damaged many bones whereas filming harmful motion sequences. But one of the dangerous stunts he ever carried out was for the 1986 movie Armour of God, which nearly killed him.

In a dialog with Yahoo Entertainment, Jackie recalled that he had been filming a beer-drinking sequence earlier within the day so by the point he obtained to taking pictures the stunt, he was drunk. “In this day, I’d probably be drinking water,” he mentioned. The scene required him to open a can of beer and drink it with the froth popping out of the can. After taking pictures this, he needed to leap by a tree.

They filmed the primary take however Jackie wasn’t glad with it. He believed he wasn’t quick sufficient so that they determined to do it once more. That wanted him to shoot the beer scene once more as the 2 have been speculated to be in continuation with each other. By this time, Chan had had various sips of beer and now, when he leaped in direction of the tree, the branches snapped and he fell to the bottom.

“I just feel my back’s hurt. Then I get up, but everybody pushes me down because my whole body was numb. By the time the numbness passed, then I feel my air and I see the blood. We go to the hospital… I almost died,” he recalled.

In the hospital, the surgeons discovered that the actor’s cranium was cracked and a bone had penetrated the cracked cranium on account of the autumn. Thankfully, the actor recovered and didn’t have any extreme injury from the damage.

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