When Ameesha Patel’s Mother Yelled At Mamta Kulkarni & Her Secretary, “Don’t You Dare To Touch My Daughter” After An Argument Broke Out Between The Actresses(Pic Credit: Instagram/ameeshapatel9, mamtakulkarni201972_official)

Veteran actress Mamta Kulkarni is without doubt one of the main actresses throughout the 90s. She is well-known for movies like Karan Arjun, Kabhie Tum Kabhie Hum and Andolan to call a number of. She can also be identified for making outrageous statements towards actresses and one in every of them was towards Ameesha Patel.

The veteran actress was one of the vital controversial actresses of Bollywood. She by no means holds again making extraordinarily scandalous statements and stunning everybody.

Tiff between Mamta Kulkarni and Ameesha Patel occurred years in the past in Mauritius. The Kaho Na Pyaar Hai actress met the veteran actress at a typical buddy’s ‘invitees only’ social gathering. As per Masala journal, the altercation between them occurred over a foolish purpose: meat.

Citing sources, the report mentioned that the Krantiveer actress was having an argument with a waiter over the poor high quality of meat that was being served on the social gathering. The waiter in his defence mentioned that she was consuming venison (deer meat) and never rooster (which is softer than the previous when cooked). But Mamta was not having it and created a ruckus.

Ameesha Patel who witnessed this episode apparently handed a touch upon Mamta’s lack of social etiquette. This didn’t go down nicely with Mamta Kulkarni’s buddy who overheard her remark. Mamta then sneered at Ameesha, “You are here in Mauritius to shoot for hair oil, aren’t you? Well, for your information while you get paid a measly INR one lakh (Dhs 5770) I get INR15 lakh (Dhs86550) for the same. So you tell me who is a bigger star, you or me?”

The Gadar actress, nonetheless, took the excessive highway and walked away as an alternative of making a scene. When a number of reporters requested Ameesha in regards to the controversy later, the actress mentioned, “Oh no, you are talking of an incident that happened a long time ago. She (Mamta) is dying for some publicity, that’s all. Please don’t bring it up. It’s so dumb to bring up the issue now. Mamta is uselessly getting into a controversy where there is no need to rake up the issue.”

However, after a little bit prompting, Ameesha Patel opened up in regards to the controversy. She mentioned, “All of us were at a dinner party thrown by Mr. Bajaj (of the Bajaj Sevashram fame) and Mamta was complaining and harassing everybody about the food. Forget Mamta, even her secretary started abusing people there. I didn’t want them to scream so much because Mr. Bajaj was just sitting down at the table and I am sure he could hear everything that was being said. I told them, ‘Everyone is eating the same food.”

“Despite being in Mauritius, the hosts are trying to do their best to provide a great meal by Indian cooks they have flown over, so I don’t think you should complain. My words angered Mamta because she thought she was a big star. What followed next was Mamta trying to show off her star status and telling me, ‘Who do you think you are?’” Ameesha added.

Another supply revealed that Ameesha Patel was angered by her feedback and blurted out, “If you got a little educated, it would have helped you.” At this time Mamta’s secretary got here into the image and virtually threatened Ameesha bodily. However, she was saved by her mom who allegedly caught the secretary’s hand and yelled ‘Don’t you dare to the touch my daughter.’

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