In The Wheel of Time, hair braids – akin to these worn by Egwene and Nynaeve – have main cultural which means that stems from the books themselves.

One of the opening scenes in Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time exhibits Egwene having her hair braided in a village ceremony – however why is that this important within the present’s better context? Nynaeve, the village Wisdom to whom she considers turning into an apprentice, additionally wears her hair on this type. Dana, the barkeep who Rand encounters in episode 3, braids her hair in an try and imitate Egwene. In the world of The Wheel of Time, braids usually are not only a coiffure: they’ve a widespread cultural and symbolic significance.

The epic fantasy collection is predicated on a fourteen-book collection created by Robert Jordan, with the collection accomplished by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s demise. The books created an in depth fantasy world full with the advanced One Power magic system and a number of wealthy cultures. Jordan based mostly the cultures of his universe on a mix of European and Asian traditions. The Wheel of Time books’ frequent references to braids, and ladies tugging braids in between traces of dialogue, have been a frequent topic of jokes amongst readers, however recommend the broader significance of cultural signifiers like hairstyles and garments within the Wheel of Time universe.


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On one degree, these braids are particularly essential within the tradition of the Two Rivers, the village the place Egwene and the opposite ta’veren come from, as there braided hair represents the second when a lady turns into a girl. It is usually performed at 17 or 18, though The Wheel of Time TV show changes character ages, and should be permitted by the native Women’s Circle. A girl with braided hair is formally of marriageable age, which helps to elucidate why Rand is so occupied with Egwene’s expertise on the ceremony. However, that is under no circumstances crucial which means behind the usage of braids in The Wheel of Time.

Braids additionally signify a girl’s connection to her group. Nynaeve tells Egwene that “This braid will remind you that you are a part of us and we are a part of you“, and suggests a common bond between ladies. The world of The Wheel of Time is essentially divided by gender. The Women’s Circle, which is depicted in episode 1, holds equal energy with the male Village Council, and helps to implement social norms and resolve disputes. Braided hair represents membership on this group and tradition.

Other societies on the earth of The Wheel of Time additionally ascribe significance to braids. In specific, the Aiel, who’re launched by means of a useless physique on the end of The Wheel of Time episode 3, additionally attribute significance to braided hair, however see it as a mark of childishness. Opposite to the Two Rivers customized, coming of age in Aiel tradition means untangling the braid. This is an instance of how the Aiel are sometimes set in opposition to the Westlands tradition that the Wheel of Time‘s protagonists hail from.

More than all of this, the braid is an emblem of how every part on the earth of The Wheel of Time is related. It suggests lots of the collection’ themes about destiny and tradition. Nynaeve’s braid is an emblem of her loyalty to the methods of the Two Rivers and its embeddedness throughout the Wheel of Time world’s landscape, whereas Dana’s adoption of the braid signifies her imitation of somebody with Two Rivers values, obscuring her true nature. As the Wheel of Time TV collection continues, anticipate to see the which means and significance of the braid grow to be extra advanced and essential.

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