What does Min’s warning in regards to the Amyrlin Seat imply for Moiraine? Here’s why this line would possibly tease a change to her Wheel of Time story.

Warning: This article accommodates spoilers for Wheel of Time season 1, episode 7.

Min’s warning for Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) in The Wheel of Time episode 7 might sign a change to a serious twist in Robert Jordan’s books. After looking for out Min Farshaw (Kae Alexander) to assist her establish the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine realized a startling clue about her future. According to Min, the Amylin Seat will likely be Moiraine’s “downfall”.

In Amazon’s Wheel of Time present, the current leader of the Aes Sedai is significant to Moiraine’s story. Similar to the backstory that was established for her within the books, it was revealed within the present that Moiraine’s mission to seek out the Dragon Reborn was supported in secret by the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche (Sophie Okonedo). Apparently, Moiraine and Siuan have additionally been engaged in a romantic affair (which was solely implied within the books). The present sophisticated their romance in episode 6 by forcing Siuan to exile Moiraine from the White Tower.


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As if banishment wasn’t sufficient, Wheel of Time is now suggesting that Siuan will trigger Moiraine much more issues within the sequence. Min claimed that in her viewing of Moiraine she noticed the Amyrlin Seat in “full regalia”. She didn’t make clear the Amyrlin’s actions, however did say she’d result in Moiraine’s “downfall”. What’s fascinating about this line is that it doesn’t line up with something that Siuan does within the books. Moiraine has her share of struggles within the books, however they will’t be blamed on Siuan. However, there’s an opportunity that Moiraine’s “downfall” is linked to considerations they’d in episode 6 and Siuan’s guide story. It’s attainable that Amazon’s Wheel of Time present will make Moiraine and Siuan share the identical destiny.

Wheel of Time Episode 7 Min Farshaw

In the fourth guide, The Shadow Rising, Siuan was faraway from energy and stilled for protecting what she knew about the Dragon Reborn a secret. But if Moiraine was implicated on this as properly, they’d each get this punishment. Being stilled – whatever the purpose – will surely clarify Min’s warning. Being minimize off from the One Power sometimes causes an individual to lose their will to stay. That didn’t occur to Moiraine within the books, however that doesn’t imply this state of affairs is off the desk. If Wheel of Time have been to ship each characters down this path, this might end in a major change of route for Moiraine’s story. That’s not inconceivable, contemplating that the present already deviated from the supply materials with Moiraine by having her exiled from the White Tower.

Another risk is that Min wasn’t truly referring to Siuan in any respect. Instead, she might have been speaking about Elaida, a ruthless member of the Red Ajah who briefly took over Siuan’s place. It could also be her who brings hurt to Moiraine, whether or not it’s by way of stilling or one thing else. Either approach, Min’s warning doesn’t bode properly for Moiraine’s future in The Wheel of Time. Her viewings at all times come true.

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