Attack On Titan season 4, half 2 will inform the ultimate chapter within the story of Eren Yaeger and his associates. When will it release, and what might occur?

Here’s the whole lot we all know to date about Attack on Titan season 4, half 2. When Eren Yaeger stood upon the sting of the ocean and declared battle on the unknown land past in Attack on Titan season 3’s last moments, viewers have been concurrently excited and anxious — excited on the prospect of mammoth battles to come back, however involved in regards to the ungodly quantity of manga materials nonetheless to cram into the ultimate season. Attack on Titan season 4 confronted extra chapters to adapt than all 3 earlier runs, and with the anime mirroring the pacing of the manga, 16 episodes did not appear anyplace close to sufficient.

Attack on Titan season 4’s “Above & Below” ends on an enormous cliffhanger. Retaliating after the assault on Liberio, Marley begins its counter with Pieck tricking Eren onto a rooftop and Porco (hid amongst Eren’s troopers) smashing upward by the ground under. Reiner and the Marley warriors arrive shortly after in airships, whereas the Survey Corps stay locked helplessly in a cell far under. Elsewhere, Floch continues to be following Hange to Zeke’s location, not understanding the Beast Titan was caught in a fiery blast alongside Levi, and is now occupying the comfortable insides of a Titan’s abdomen.


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The cliffhanger ending to Attack on Titan season 4 reassured followers extra episodes could be forthcoming and, certain sufficient, an upcoming “part 2” was introduced alongside the mid-season finale. But when will the ultimate chapter of Attack on Titan‘s anime air? What might occur within the remaining episodes? And what may the long run maintain?

Attack On Titan Season 4, Part 2 Release Date

Zeke in Attack on Titan

The teaser trailer for Attack on Titan season 4, half 2 revealed the subsequent episode (“Judgement”) could be coming in Winter 2022. While the announcement may’ve panicked western viewers into pondering Attack on Titan would not resume till the tip of 2022, the Japanese winter TV season historically runs from January to March. Accordingly, Attack on Titan season 4 will proceed on January 9, 2022. Part 2 will air on Hulu and Crunchyroll, and although the variety of episodes stays unconfirmed at current, count on an analogous quantity to Attack on Titan season 4 Part 1’s 16 installments.

Attack On Titan Season 4, Part 2 Story Details

Eren in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan manga readers will know precisely what to anticipate from the ultimate batch of episodes. Without gifting away spoilers, the mid-season finale units up a rematch between Eren and Reiner, because the forces from Marley conflict with Eren’s faction in Shiganshina. Attack on Titan nonetheless must reveal Levi’s destiny, and clarify what on Earth’s taking place with Zeke within the abdomen of a Titan. It’s inevitable that Eren will ultimately unlock the complete energy of the Founding Titan, with or with out his brother, and solely then will his true intentions be revealed. Is Eren Yaeger actually an irredeemable villain, or does he disguise an ulterior motive?

The Attack on Titan anime nonetheless hasn’t defined how the Titan energy originated, and the Survey Corps cannot be locked up endlessly both. Expect Mikasa, Jean, Armin and the others to exit in model, whereas Historia’s baby might additionally spring a late shock. Ultimately, Attack on Titan season 4, half 2 should reveal the way forward for the world when the battle between Eldia and Marley is finished. Will there be peace? Will one aspect emerge victorious? Or will nothing be left standing in any respect?

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Is Attack On Titan Season 4 The End?

While Attack on Titan season 4, Part 2 will full Hajime Isayama’s authentic story fronted by Eren, Mikasa and Armin, the wider Attack on Titan franchise stands a truthful probability of constant into the long run. Attack on Titan‘s closing manga chapter was launched in April 2021, however the last quantity dropped a number of months later and contained model new never-before-seen pages tacked onto the tip. Whereas the unique model made no try and foreshadow a continuation, the expanded version incorporates a flashforward that, with out gifting away essential ending particulars, strongly suggests the Attack on Titan story is not over. At the time of writing, there isn’t any official affirmation of an Attack on Titan sequel series following a brand new era of younger heroes, however the anime’s long-awaited ending might herald contemporary updates.

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