TikTok is a platform stuffed with viral tendencies that may come and go extraordinarily quick, as is TikTok’s nature. One of the newest tendencies dominating the app is named Helicopter Helicopter however what’s it? And what’s that tune?

If you’re an avid TikTok consumer you’ve most likely stumbled upon a number of movies participating on this development they usually’re fairly self-explanatory.

What is the Helicopter Helicopter meme?

The Helicopter Helicopter development has TikTok customers imitate helicopter blades rotating, whether or not it’s with their very own physique or with one thing else. The totally different interpretations potential virtually limitless. You can spin off the format in every kind of instructions.

What is the Helicopter Helicopter tune?

One tune specifically is the soundtrack to the TikTok development. “Helikopter” is carried out by Bosnian pop artist Fazlija. It was launched in 2015, however has exploded in reputation just lately as a result of viral development catching on throughout late October.

The tune is about Fazlija confessing his love for a girls, however that’s actually inappropriate. The major the monitor caught on is the tune’s intro with Fazilija singing the phrase “helicopter” repeatedly alongside the rotor blades of the car itself and the meme-factor that comes together with this.

Right now this is without doubt one of the high tendencies on TikTok so be sure that to take a look at a few of the finest interpretations created by the group whereas it’s trending.

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