For the perfect comedian e-book occasions, writers lay the groundwork for years. For occasion, Brian Michael Bendis began planting seeds of Secret Invasion, earlier than he even had approval to put in writing the story. Dan Slott’s upcoming Reckoning War goes all the best way again to his She-Hulk run…in 2004. On the flip facet, different writers use bits of knowledge that exist already and construct a narrative out of it. Now, if somebody went again and skim New Avengers: Illuminati #1 from 2006, a throwaway line from Professor X has rather more that means: “I’d like to talk about an island in the South Pacific. It’s called Krakoa.” Jonathan Hickman weaved collectively varied tidbits all through the X-Men historical past to create House of X/Powers of X. But with the What If season finale, we see that executed in a Disney+ Marvel present in a ravishing approach.

The What If Season Finale Uses a Creative Writing 101 Trick on the Masters’ Level

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What Marvel did with the What If season finale was greater than a shock ending – it was a bait-and-switch.  When the Disney+ alternate actuality present began, Marvel billed it as an anthology sequence. Each episode would discover a distinct universe the place one change alters the universe drastically. For just a few episodes, that’s precisely what we received…or thought we have been getting. Instead, the showrunners have been seeding an occasion. But though we noticed Ultron shatter his approach via the multiverse (and Star Wars universe), we nonetheless didn’t know the extent of Marvel’s plans. So, when the What If season finale dropped, everybody rightfully misplaced their minds.

As our podcast host Shah Shahid typically laments, Marvel Studios is filled with liars. But these lies are half of the expertise now. This extends past the MCU to something that has the Marvel emblem connected. If you’ve seen the Venom: Let There Be Carnage ending, you recognize precisely what we imply.

A Self-Contained MCU Event that Ties to the Greater Multiverse (Spoilers Ahead!)

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So, what was the What If season finale about? In the penultimate episode, Ultron took management of the infinity stones and realized that his plan to kill all life within the universe wasn’t sufficient. Then he discovers that there’s a complete multiverse for him to destroy. How did this occur? He turned conscious of Uatu the Watcher narrating Ultron’s dilemma to us. Wait, does that imply we’re within the MCU multiverse too? Uatu and Ultron battle it out, smashing their approach via universe after universe. By the tip, Uatu realizes he’s not highly effective sufficient to defeat the Infinity Ultron, and takes refuge in Doctor Strange’s micro-universe from Episode 4. Strange, the one dwelling individual on this universe, asks if he’s prepared to interrupt his vow. Thus, we get the What If season finale, “What if the Watcher Broke His Vow?” And the reply? An superior first season nearer.

Uatu Becomes the Nick Fury of the Multiverse within the What If Season Finale

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In the MCU, Nick Fury brings the Avengers collectively to tackle threats to the planet that wants superheroes…plus an archer and a spy. Over within the live-action Disney+ exhibits, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine appears to be forming a Dark Avengers for causes unknown. Just that “things are gonna get weird.” That’s Uatu’s function within the What If season finale. We observe Uatu via the assorted universes we’ve visited all through the season, plus one we haven’t seen but. In every timeline, the Watcher selects one warrior. Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’challa, solely baby Thor, a Gamora that killed Thanos, and…King Killmonger. Along with Doctor Strange, he names them “The Guardians of the Multiverse.” AKA: Future Disney+ present and Marvel Comics ongoing sequence.

This staff is tasked to do the unimaginable: defeat Infinity Ultron. But simply as Fury and Fontaine have secret playing cards up their sleeves, so does Uatu. There’s a secret seventh and eighth member of the Guardians of the Multiverse. First, we get the lone survivor of the Infinity Ultron universe, Black Widow. She nonetheless carries the Armin Zola arrow, ready for her probability to apply it to Ultron. The Guardians give her that second. Oh, and the eighth member? Did you actually suppose Uatu forgot about episode 5? That’s proper. We get to see Zombie Wanda tackle Infinity Ultron within the What If season finale.

Out of 14,000,605 Timelines, Only One Option? We’ve Heard That Before

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At the tip of Infinity War, the Avengers lose. This is after Strange says that there’s just one state of affairs the place they succeed. However, in Endgame, we study the reality: Strange knew they needed to fail then to succeed later. Uatu makes use of the identical gambit, withholding very important data in order that occasions play out the best way he wants them to. In this case, he is aware of the plan to destroy the Infinity Stones will fail. He additionally is aware of that Killmonger will betray the Guardians. As Armin Zola-Ultron-Vision fights Killmonger for the stones, Strange traps them in a micro-universe. But this makes Strange the Tony Stark of the story. His function within the victory is that he should spend eternity in a micro-universe ensuring these multiversal villains don’t break away.

This mirroring of the MCU we all know and love, whereas being its personal factor, is masterful storytelling. But now, the query turns into, what the hell are they going to do for season two…and three? This specific trick solely works as soon as.

The What If Season Finale Further Develops the Multiverse Plotline

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Sure, they will solely use the bait-and-switch as soon as; nonetheless, Marvel retains stunning us with multiverse parts. First, in the event you can bear in mind approach again to 2020, we noticed Michael Keaton’s Vulture in the trailer for Sony’s Morbius. Next, they tricked us by utilizing Evan Peters, the Quicksilver of the Fox X-Men film, in WandaVision. Of course, that turned out to be a dick joke and never a multiverse reference in any respect. Then we received the true multiverse with Loki, the place we met a number of variant Lokis and traveled to totally different timelines. Not to say that (a) Kang made his debut and Sylvie broke the sacred timeline.

What If debuted quickly after the Loki season finale, which felt thematically applicable. We received the large, main affirmation in regards to the multiverse when the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer broke the web. We assumed that we must await December to see the multiverse collide. But we have been duped once more. The finish credit score scene of Venom: Let there Be Carnage launched the weirdest superhero couple proper into the MCU. Oh, and we nonetheless have Eternals arising.

The What If finale is a good ending to the primary season. But greater than that, like most Marvel motion pictures and exhibits, it received us excited for what comes subsequent.

My What If Season Two Pitch: What if…Carnage Went to the MCU Instead of Venom?

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