John Dee, a.ok.a. Doctor Destiny in DC comics, performed a significant function within the first e-book of The Sandman. He now fills an identical function within the Netflix collection.

Warning: The following comprises SPOILERS for The Sandman season 1.

Viewers of the Netflix collection The Sandman may be confused by the ultimate destiny of John Dee in season 1 and left questioning what actually occurred to him. Despite taking part in an antagonistic function within the first half of the season and inflicting appreciable injury, John Dee apparently goes unpunished for his crimes. This appears at odds with the final character of Morpheus, a.ok.a. Dream of the Endless, who inflicted harsh punishments for much much less when different individuals threatened the Dreaming and the Waking World.

In DC comics, John Dee was initially a supervillain. He used the alias Doctor Destiny and fought the Justice League of America utilizing quite a lot of ingenious units, together with the Materioptikon, which allowed him to make desires into actuality. The Sandman comics launched a retcon that established the Materioptikon was powered by the magical ruby that Dream of the Endless used to focus his powers.  Netflix’s The Sandman eliminates all references to the Doctor Destiny identification and Justice League of America, presenting John Dee as a misguided man who manipulated Dream’s ruby towards his personal ends. He stole it from his mom, Ethel Cripps, who initially stole the sand, ruby, and helm containing The Sandman’s power from Roderick Burgess.


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Both the comics and Netflix’s The Sandman season 1 construct towards a climactic battle between John Dee and Dream of the Endless for management of the Dreaming. In the tip, John destroys the ruby within the hope that it’s going to destroy Dream with it, believing it to be the supply of his energy somewhat than only a focus for it. Instead, the ruby’s destruction frees the energies it contained, restoring Dream of the Endless to his full energy. When requested if he intends to kill John for what he did, Dream says that he might, however as a substitute he escorts John again to the jail hospital the place he had been incarcerated and sends him to sleep in his cell.

What Happens To John Dee In The Sandman Comics?

Scarecrow John Dee and Morpheus in The Sandman Comic

The identical chain of occasions unfolds within the authentic Sandman comics, however with John Dee and Dream having an encounter with the Batman villain Scarecrow on the way in which to John’s cell in Arkham Asylum. This units up an amusing tableau, parodying The Wizard of Oz, with Dee declaring that there’s no place like home,” in imitation of Dorothy Gale as he returns from the dream realm to actuality. This seemingly put an finish to John Dee’s prison profession as Doctor Destiny, though he would return in a later Justice Society of America story the place he used his data of the Dreaming to govern the equally powered Legion of Superheroes member Dream Girl into combating her mates on his behalf.

There are a number of the explanation why Dream of the Endless might need determined to spare John Dee somewhat than killing him, past the straightforward truth that he’s usually forbidden from killing mortals. In the comics, Morpheus’s character had not yet developed the empathy that may outline his later interactions with others and was extra involved with regaining his energy than the lives John Dee had ended along with his actions. Netflix’s The Sandman presents one other clarification in season 1 of the collection, with Morpheus recognizing that John Dee was a sufferer of circumstance who had been by accident corrupted by an influence “not made for mortals.” In each cases, punishing John would have executed nothing to carry again the individuals he killed and served little objective from Morpheus’s perspective.

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The Sandman season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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