Hailing from Ghaziabad, actor Kenisha Bhardwaj feels social biases in our society wants to finish.

“We need to understand that to progress, as an overall society, we have to give up on our social biases. Such prejudices are totally unfair as they hurt us as a country on a whole. Gender inequality is surely a bigger issue than it appears and sadly still persists in our society,” says Kaal Bhairav Rahasya-2 and Sasural Simar Ka actor.

Given an instance from her life, she says, “I have seen it around me but thankfully my parents stood by me and made me understand the importance of gender equality in today’s time.”

A arithmetic trainer by occupation and actor by selection, Kenisha is completely happy that she didn’t let go of the chance of taking on performing.

“My brother helped me record and send a video for an online audition. I got a positive response from the production house, so that brought me to Mumbai. Also, at that time, I wanted to get away from my regular life in my hometown. Soon, my first show Queens Hain Hum happened,” she says.

The actor provides that she must be very selective in selecting work. “I just can’t take up any project be it on OTT or films. I have to be careful while choosing what I am getting to play as people who are watching my work on screen back home should not feel uncomfortable. So, that’s more a reason I opt for family shows. So, this way TV is my saviour.”

Keinsha is again on the units and is busy taking pictures for her new present. “Currently, I am shooting for Ghar Ek Mandir – Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki but we are not letting our guard down. Regular RT-PCR tests are done on the sets and also staff count is very limited and of course everyone is vaccinated. But, even after following all protocols we still can’t do away with regular precautions,” she says.

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