If you’ve been maintaining with all of the antics that went down between K-Pop idols at ISAC 2022, you then’ve most likely seen the viral second between ITZY‘s Ryujin and Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan that had fans wheezing.

It clearly showcased the chaotic sibling relationship that the two JYP Entertainment idols seem to share, and fans had to learn more about how it went down!

Ryujin and Bang Chan at ISAC 2022

Fortunately, more footage has been released of the moment between the two idols, including how each of them reacted after the playful shove.

In a longer front-view clip of the situation, Ryujin can be seen continuing to walk without a glance back, while Bang Chan seems to just accept his fate 😂

Along with this longer footage, more context was given to the situation as well! It turns out that Bang Chan was actually the first to initiate the playful exchange by bumping Ryujin with his knee…

And solely a half-minute later was when Ryujin obtained her revenge! You can watch the complete clip right here.

So it seems Bang Chan was the one to begin the entire thing to start with, and Ryujin was simply getting payback! 😂

We can’t wait to see extra endearing movies from this occasion!

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