From exposing their very own secret Twitter fan accounts to sharing fan memes, WayV retains proving they’re conserving observe of the issues that WayZenNis say. During an interview with British journal NME, Ten shared why studying followers’ feedback had been so worthwhile.

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Having nothing to cover, Ten admitted, “I think it’s fun to read the comments section.” Part of the rationale why he discovered it so satisfying was the fan theories.

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He defined, “Everyone is sharing their own thoughts about the story and how the concept is going, and it’s just fun for me to read what they think about it.” There was greater than meets the attention, although.

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Diving deeper, Ten added why it’s mandatory, “I think we need to read it because it’s part of learning too.

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Since everybody has completely different tastes, Ten identified how followers’ expectations could differ from the group’s. Checking out what followers are saying helps fill within the blanks on how their music and ideas are acquired.

Like, what individuals need could be completely different to our personal ideas on music and stuff. Like, ‘Oh, I think this is good,’ however everybody else may assume that it’s okay. People have a distinct perspective.

— Ten

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

If WayV or NCT tries out a brand new sound or idea that appears tremendous acquainted to followers, they might have Ten to thank for it.

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