The November 25 broadcast of “Music Bank” featured YooA’s “Selfish” and VERIVERY’S “Tap Tap” as candidates for first place. VERIVERY took their third win for “Alone” with 7,618 factors over 4,919 factors for “Lights.”

This week’s performers embrace AIMERS, DRIPPIN, FIFTY FIFTY, NINE.i, TEMPEST, TO1, TRENDZ, VERIVERY, VICTON, woo!ah!, Xdinary Heroes, YOUNITE, Kim Jonghyeon, NATURE, Song So Hee, YooA, CSR, and Chen.

Watch this week’s performances under:

Song So Hee – “Journey to Utopia”


CSR – “♡TiCON”

AIMERS – “Fight Inside”

TEMPEST – “Dragon”

YOUNITE – “Bad Cupid”

FIFTY FIFTY – “Higher”

Xdinary Heroes – “Hair Cut”

DRIPPIN – “The One”

woo!ah! – “Rollercoaster”

TO1 – “Freeze Tag”


VICTON – “Virus”

Kim Jonghyeon – “Blaze”

Chen – “Last Scene”

VERIVERY – “Tap Tap”

YooA – “Selfish”

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