The solid of “Kill Heel” shared their closing feedback within the drama’s last making video!

“Kill Heel” is a drama in regards to the fierce battles waged by three formidable girls within the aggressive world of house buying networks. Kim Ha Neul stars as present host Woo Hyun, who strives to flee her stagnant life by changing into the highest host at UNI Home Shopping, whereas Lee Hye Young stars as UNI Home Shopping government Mo Ran, who climbed from humble beginnings to succeed in the highest. Kim Sung Ryung stars because the elegant Ok Sun, a high present host married to a well-known politician who appears to have the proper life. On April 21, “Kill Heel” aired its finale and recorded its highest viewership scores.

After diligently filming their previous few scenes, the three main women of “Kill Heel” shared last feedback to viewers as they bid farewell to the drama. Kim Ha Neul launched her character and continued, “I think my thoughts are quite similar every time I finish a project. While I feel refreshed, I also feel sad and upset. It feels like we’ve run non-stop, but now that we’re at the end, it feels like I’ve grown closer to the staff members. My nerves are just starting to let loose and I can laugh with the staff members now, so there are a few regretful aspects.”

Lee Hye Young shared, “I wonder whether I’ve ever filmed this diligently and enjoyably. I filmed really enjoyably with Ha Neul and Sung Ryung and I think [the drama] will continue to live in my memory.”

Kim Sung Ryung commented, “This project in particular feels like it hasn’t been long since we began, but we’ve already done our last filming. In addition to the director, all the staff members and actors did their best so I’m really thankful that we’ve wrapped up well. I feel a bit of regret, wondering when I’ll ever meet a project like this again. Thanks to our director, staff members, and actors, I believe I was also able to wrap everything up well in the midst of COVID-19.”

Lastly, the three actresses thanked viewers for all of the love and help all through the run of “Kill Heel.” Catch the drama’s final making video right here!

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