SBS’s “One the Woman” launched its ultimate behind-the-scenes video!

The drama lately got here to a profitable conclusion final week with strong ratings, rating the No. 1 most-watched miniseries of the week for 13 weeks in a row and recording private greatest rankings of 20.6 %.

The new making-of video begins with Honey Lee commenting, “I can’t believe time has passed so quickly like this and that the final filming has arrived. The making-of video is bidding farewell now too. Everyone, you’ve worked hard watching ‘One the Woman.’ Our lovable puppy Yoo Joon’s (Lee Won Geun’s) final filming is tomorrow. He feels restless. All the actors in the group chat said we can’t send him away like this.”

Lee Won Geun additionally feedback, “I’m very sad. I can’t believe it.” After the ultimate scene, Honey Lee walks over to offer Lee Won Geun a comforting hug, and the 2 take photos collectively earlier than leaving the set.

As Honey Lee prepares to movie her ultimate scene with Kim Chang Wan, Lee Sang Yoon tells her, “You can’t cry.” Honey Lee begins to sing to carry the temper, and Kim Chang Wan asks, “Are you that happy? We’re filming the final scene.” Honey Lee replies, “The sadness and sorrow are on the inside. The happiness is being portrayed.”

Honey Lee makes a drastic transformation along with her look on the airport, and he or she remarks, “She feels like a killer. Like [she’d pose] with a gun like this.” Kim Chang Wan laughs and asks, “Who’s this? She’s pretty no matter what she does.” Sad that his scene is over, Kim Chang Wan asks, “I’m done today? After the person who looks like Yeon Joo (Honey Lee) passes by, doesn’t someone who looks like Hak Tae (Kim Chang Wan) also pass by behind her?”

After the ultimate filming, Honey Lee celebrates excitedly with Lee Sang Yoon, sharing, “I’m really happy that we wrapped up without any big incidents during this COVID-19 state. It’s really a blessing to have met such a warm team with great teamwork. I’m wrapping up with happy vibes from having met such a team and because the viewers had so much fun watching. Thank you very much.” Honey Lee hugs Lee Sang Yoon as effectively, expressing her gratitude once more.

In the ultimate interviews, Kim Chang Wan shares that he had a therapeutic time filming the drama. Lee Won Geun reveals that he feels bittersweet as a result of he’s unsure if he’ll work with such nice individuals once more sooner or later. He feedback, “I really felt a lot of warm love.” Jin Seo Yeon equally remarks that she’s unhappy to say farewell to such nice actors and workers.

Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon speak about having filmed enjoyably with refreshing and considerate individuals. Lee Sang Yoon feedback, “It was a very enjoyable set that Honey Lee always led with positive energy.” Bidding farewell by saying, “Let’s meet again,” the 2 actors specific gratitude to the viewers by gifting their flower bouquets.

Watch the ultimate making-of video beneath!

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