On the May 15 episode of “Music Core,” IU‘s “LILAC,” ITZY’s “In the morning,” and Highlight’s “NOT THE END” have been candidates for first place. Highlight took residence the win with 7,504 votes, making this their second win for “NOT THE END.”

This week’s performers embody Highlight, Oh My Girl, WJSN THE BLACK, NCT DREAM, ONEUS, Second Aunt Kim Da Vi, ONF, ITZY, AB6IX, P1Harmony, BLITZERS, Lee Moo Jin, KIMMUSEUM, Thebless, and Checkmate.

Check out this week’s performances beneath!

Checkmate – “YOU”

Thebless – “Don’t Touch Me Heart”

KIMMUSEUM – “281.31 km (To.)”

BLITZERS – “Breathe Again”

P1Harmony – “Scared”

Second Aunt Kim Da Vi – “UP!”

Lee Moo Jin – “Traffic Light”


ONF – “Ugly Dance”



NCT DREAM – “Dive Into You” and “Hot Sauce”

ITZY – “In the morning”

Oh My Girl – “Dear You” and “Dun Dun Dance”

Highlight – “NOT THE END”

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