In DC’s new annual challenge of The Flash, Wally West recommits himself to being the Fastest Man Alive and the Speed Force’s favourite Flash.

Warning! Spoilers forward for The Flash 2021 Annual #1

In DC Comics’ new annual challenge for The Flash, Wally West confirms that he is again for good because the Fastest Man Alive and the Speed Force’s favourite Flash. While there was some concern in latest points that Wally was planning to retire and have his velocity taken away, that was earlier than he was forcibly taken on a journey by time and house courtesy of the Speed Force, needing him to handle a significant menace. Now, Wally has returned to his personal timeline, and he is made some large selections about his future as The Flash.

In prior problems with The Flash, Wally was taken to numerous cut-off dates and house together with his consciousness being positioned within the our bodies of varied speedsters. With assist from Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Mr. Terrific speaking with him from the current, they quickly realized that there have been pockets of Speed Force vitality that have been threatening to do a lot of injury, and it quickly turned obvious that it was as much as Wally to forestall the vitality explosions earlier than the Speed Force took him to the next point in want of his assist. However, Wally was nonetheless planning on retiring as deliberate as soon as this shock mission was over. However, that was earlier than his final cease on the timeline.

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In The Flash 2021 Annual #1 from author Jeremy Adams with artists Fernando Pasarin and Brandon Peterson, Wally West finds himself within the physique of his personal previous self, albeit on the darkest day of his life: Sanctuary. Forced to relive the panic assault that inadvertently killed a number of heroes in restoration throughout Heroes in Crisis, the true villain accountable for the damages to the Speed Force made himself identified: Savitar, believing himself to be the Speed Force’s true inheritor and just one deserving of all of its energy. However, Wally got here to the belief as to why he was chosen by the Speed Force within the first place:


Wally realized that he was chosen by the Speed Force for this mission in order that he could be reminded not solely of what it means to be The Flash but in addition that he could be reminded of who he was. If he stopped being the Flash, he would not be Wally. As a end result, Wally selected the Speed Force because it had chosen him, and he was given a large cost and burst of energy whereas Savitar’s powers have been taken away earlier than being sucked right into a vortex.

In any case, it appears as if any concepts Wally had of retiring and having Barry Allen take away his velocity are not any extra. Wally West is again because the Fastest Man Alive for the long run, and he is recommitted himself to being the Speed Force’s chosen and favourite Flash within the DC Universe, which is fairly thrilling. Now, Wally may be the first Earth’s Flash whereas Barry Allen works with the Totality and the multiversal workforce generally known as Justice Incarnate, ushering in a brand new period for each speedsters going ahead.

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