The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Lyla has lied to Leo all through the collection. However, season 2 episode 6 proves that her love for him is real.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond simply confirmed that Lyla Belshaw does love Leo Bennett regardless of the various lies she has informed him. Because of her earlier deception, it appears that evidently their relationship is pure fabrication on her half. However, World Beyond season 2, episode 6 “Who Are You?” suggests the alternative, with the connection now seeming to be purely real on each ends, not only for Leo, but in addition for Lyla.

Debuting in season 1 episode 4, “The Wrong End Of The Telescope,” Lyla Belshaw (Natalie Gold) is a scientist working for the Civic Republic. In the teaser of the episode, she is seen performing an experiment on the zombified corpse of her colleague, Samuel Abbott. By the tip of the season, she is revealed to be relationship Leo Bennett (Joe Holt). Despite their relationship, Lyla begins maintaining secrets and techniques from him, corresponding to understanding that Hope (Alexa Mansour) will probably be arriving to assist in her father’s analysis.


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Despite her willingness to deceive him, nevertheless, Lyla actually loves Leo, which retains her from being as evil as Walking Dead‘s CRM. Her ethics are questionable, however her actions in addition to the dialog between her and Leo in “Who Are You?” present she genuinely believes she’s serving to the world and desires him to be part of it. As Iris and the others start to enact their plan to destroy the CRM within the Walking Dead: World Beyond episode, Leo invitations Lyla to dinner whereas Huck and Felix break into her lab. During the dinner, Iris begins interrogating Lyla about her occupation, going as far as to assert Belshaw is simply as unhealthy as her employers and that saying it is for the higher good is simply an excuse. Despite being clearly affected by the accusation, Lyla permits her to proceed and tells Leo that she’s advantageous. By not participating in CRM conflict with Iris in World Beyond and listening to her, she reveals that she cares for Leo sufficient to not trigger stress inside his household.

Kubleck and Lyla on Walking Dead World Beyond season 2

What actually proves that Lyla’s relationship with Leo is real, nevertheless, is what she tells him after dinner. As the 2 sit by a tree, she tells Leo that her daughter bought bit by a zombie, and within the course of contaminated her husband. After failing to try to remedy them, even going so far as performing experiments that horrified her, Lyla makes it her mission to try to discover a remedy for the world. This is why she has joined the CRM. Opening up like this to Leo proves Lyla values their relationship past what the Civic Republic’s plans can achieve from him.

Ultimately, Lyla Belshaw has confirmed that the connection between her and Leo is actual for her in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. This provides a layer of tragedy to the endgame of the collection, as it is not clear the place her true loyalties lie. Can the connection overcome her loyalty to the CRM? Unfortunately, it is seemingly that Lyla won’t threat years of analysis that may very well be misplaced attributable to no matter Iris and the others have in retailer. The work being completed in honor of her household additionally makes it unlikely that Leo can sway her from her present path. As World Beyond season 2 brings the collection to its finish, viewers will most definitely get the solutions surrounding what turns into of Leo Bennett and Lyla Belshaw.

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