Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap not too long ago made a press release suggesting that RRR must be India’s submission to the Oscars this 12 months however added that he hoped Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files wouldn’t be despatched as an alternative to the Academy Awards. This assertion by the Dobaaraa director has irked director Vivek Agnihotri as he stated that “these people” have been in opposition to him for a few years.

In a dialog with Hindustan Times, Vivek stated that this “wasn’t hurtful” as he has “faced worse criticism.” He stated, “These people have been running a campaign against me for many years. In this case, it was a wrong precedent. This is ethically wrong. You can share your preference, but why are you saying which film shouldn’t go (to the Oscars)?” When requested what he meant by “these people,” Agnihotri stated, “Only people who attack my film.”

Saying that he has “never looked up to the Oscars”, the director stated that he’s talking up solely as a result of he feels it’s essential to “defend it (his film) from Bollywood people.” He then proceeded to checklist down just a few questions for Anurag and stated, “If somebody is saying it (The Kashmir Files) shouldn’t go to the Oscars, the first question is: Why is he so scared of the film? Second: Why doesn’t he want the stories of Hindu genocide to be told to the world? Thirdly, is he a genocide-denier?”

Anurag had not too long ago advised Galatta Plus that whereas RRR wasn’t his favorite movie by SS Rajamouli, he wished that it could be despatched for the Oscars because it has a robust probability of creating it to the ultimate 5. “The West sees RRR differently than how we see it, and they’ve loved RRR. If RRR becomes the India selection, 99% it might get nominated for the Academy Award. That is the impact that RRR has had in the world of Hollywood. India might actually have a nomination in the final five, if RRR is the film that we pick. I don’t know what film anybody is going to pick. I hope not Kashmir Files,” he stated.

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