It was an enormous deal in April 2013 when it was first introduced that Netflix had reached a cope with Marvel Studios to adapt Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist for streaming, with the 4 solo exhibits set to culminate in a Defenders crossover occasion.

Even although the massive display adventures of Iron Man and the gang had simply reached the apex of their reputation following the release of The Avengers the earlier summer time, Marvel nonetheless weren’t ready to create episodic tasks that possessed the identical form of blockbuster sheen, so it made sense from each a inventive and enterprise perspective.

However, as soon as Disney determined to enter the streaming wars with a platform of its personal, the entire Netflix lineup of Marvel favorites were canceled one by one. Although we may have guessed the explanations as to why, Vincent D’Onofrio confirmed to Marvel News Desk that Daredevil was a sufferer of the Mouse House and MCU’s personal ambition.

“I don’t think any of us were okay. I think that we were like, ‘Oh okay, we had a hit show and now it’s gone.’ But shortly after that, at same time the #SaveDaredevil groups started to rise, the cast, most of us I believe, but I know Charlie (Cox) and I for sure, and Deborah (Ann Woll), I think we started to learn the reasons why that happened. So we understood what Marvel was doing because Disney Plus coming out.

When you’re in this business a long time like we have all been, it kind of made sense business-wise. What didn’t make sense to us was why we wouldn’t continue that show or the idea of how that worked and how well it worked. Conceptually, I think we were disappointed but I think we all understood what was going on and it sort of was inevitable. In this business you learn to accept things because you know its a business in the end and there’s nothing you can really do about it.”

At least the actor made his long-awaited return to the fray in Hawkeye, whereas Charlie Cox popped up for a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home to reintroduce the 2 Netflix veterans into the canonical MCU, and there’s going to be loads extra to return from each of them sooner or later.

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