Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt tied the knot with Shwetambari Soni in September 2020 nevertheless it wasn’t till lately that he shared it with the world. Turns out, it wasn’t simply the remainder of the world that was caught without warning however even his personal daughter Krishna Bhatt additionally discovered about her father’s wedding ceremony in a sudden method.

In a chat with India Today, Krishna revealed, “I found out about my dad’s wedding much later.” She additionally shared that Vikram “broke it to me quite suddenly as is his usual way. But, it is what it is.” She added, “He thought I was a little girl who wouldn’t be able to face this news. I suppose for your parents, you never grow up.”

Krishna’s mom and Vikram divorced 25 years in the past and Krishna shared that it took her some time to know that. “I got accustomed to my parents not being together. I grew up and as I started taking on emotionally complicated scripts of my own, I realised that everyone has one life and everyone does what makes them happy.”

Talking about Shwetambari, Krishna stated that she hasn’t interacted together with her a lot as they don’t dwell collectively and throughout the lockdown, she anyway couldn’t spend a lot time together with her father. “The bond between my father and me matters, and I am glad that remains unchanged,” she stated.”

Earlier, Vikram had shared with Mid-day that he had a small ceremony in September 2020. Talking about his spouse, Vikram appreciated that she comes from a world that’s far-off from movies. “What I love about Shweta is that she is intelligent, and more frank than me. She doesn’t belong to the world of films, so I love coming home to someone who has been in a completely different world. I bounce my ideas off her as Shweta is astute with stories. She is honest with her feedback, especially if the story is crap,” he stated.

Vikram Bhatt is thought for steering movies like Raaz, Footpath, 1920, amongst others.

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