VICTON’s Seungsik has introduced that he might be enlisting within the navy this March.

On January 31, Seungsik held a Weverse dwell broadcast through which he personally shared the information of his upcoming enlistment together with his followers. The idol might be enlisting on March 22, after which he’ll perform his service as a member of the navy band.

“I’ll be enlisting in the military in March,” introduced Seungsik, earlier than addressing the truth that he’s enlisting instantly after his bandmate Han Seung Woo’s discharge on January 27.

“I felt really sorry because I know all too well that ALICE [VICTON’s fans] were really waiting for and hoping to see a full-group comeback,” mentioned Seungsik, “and I also really wanted to stand before you as a full group as quickly as possible. But due to a number of factors, I’ve wound up enlisting now. I’ll be enlisting on March 22.”

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Seungsik added, “To be honest, I have a lot of older male relatives, so ever since I was really young, I’ve seen a lot of my family members enlisting. And so I’ve always thought it was a given that any healthy South Korean man should serve in the military, and I’ve never thought of that as something difficult. But because I have all of you, because of ALICE, I found it difficult to say this, and my heart felt heavy. Really, the thing I feel most sorry about is the fact that I really wanted to show you VICTON as a full group.”

“I’m preparing to hold a solo fan meeting in March before my enlistment,” he went on to share. “To be honest, I wound up preparing it very last-minute. But I’m working hard to prepare, because we need to have a good time together before I go.”

“I’ll be joining the military band,” he continued. “I thought I should let you know in advance so that we can think of the time I have left before I go as more precious. And I also want to do my best to make lots of good memories for ALICE before my enlistment.”

Finally, Seungsik advised his followers, “Even though I feel sorry to be saying these words, if you would have faith in me and wait where you are, I promise that I’ll come back and show you lots of better things in the future.”

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We wish Seungsik all the most effective throughout his upcoming service!

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