Although the unique reveal of Cletus Kasady was comparable in look to his comics equal, it didn’t translate effectively to the large display.

The release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage fixes Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady wig gaffe from Venom 2018. Received by blended opinions, the unique Venom film made appreciable efforts to be true to its Marvel Comics heritage when it comes to character fashions and aesthetic, with Kasady’s shockingly purple wig being one such effort. First revealed in Venom‘s post-credits scene, eradicating Kasady’s wig grew to become a short lived campaign for Sony-verse audiences, with quite a few complaints on the standard and aesthetic of the hairpiece flooding social media following Venom‘s 2018 release.

Harrelson’s first look within the collection on the finish of the unique Venom was concise, clocking in at barely over a minute. In idea, Director Ruben Fleischer’s choice to emphasise Kasady’s hair permits for quick visible storytelling whereas justifying giving Kasady the nickname “Red” – very like his Carnage symbiote does within the Marvel Comics canon. While a justifiable aesthetic selection, in idea, Harrelson’s wig in Venom‘s post-credits scene introduced as comical, inflicting the aforementioned backlash even from in any other case staunch supporters of the movie.

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As a outcome, Venom 2 has mounted the primary film’s Carnage mistake, taking away the brilliant purple wig and favoring a extra pure hairpiece for Woody Harrelson in Let There Be Carnage. Although a valiant effort to deliver the comedian character to life, Harrelson’s preliminary wig didn’t swimsuit him and would have absolutely distracted from his in any other case intensely creepy efficiency as serial killer Cletus Kasady. Let There Be Carnage‘s new search for Kasady is significantly extra subdued, permitting Woody Harrelson’s refined performing techniques to outline his character as an alternative of the wild coiffure closely mocked by audiences in 2018.

Removing Kasady’s outdated borderline comical wig – and going for a extra pure look – is considered one of many adjustments Sony has applied to higher convey tone in Let There Be Carnage. In Venom 2018, the symbiote Riot undoubtedly supplied a distinction to the extra personable Venom, just as the look for Riz Ahmed‘s Carlton Drake offered the “elite upper crust” distinction to Eddie Brock’s streetwise nature. In this manner, the bloodthirsty Carnage works higher as a supervillain in Venom 2 when he can move as a person on the road, becoming effectively together with his character historical past of being a serial assassin. By permitting Kasady to look rather less wild, Venom 2 fixes the issue of his authentic look, as by normalizing Kasady’s seems, Venom 2 makes his inhumanity extra drastic and his transgressions infinitely extra dynamic.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis additionally weighed in on Harrselson’s wig alteration, stating that Kasady’s hair change is meant to “show that time has passed” since Venom‘s preliminary have a look at the serial killer. This humanizing element, whereas seemingly unintentional, works to determine Cletus Kasady’s character in Venom 2, in addition to his time in incarceration. Kasady’s new look makes him appear saner, extra collectively, and able to presenting greater than only a bodily risk, which permits the stakes to rise from the potential planetary consumption that Riot supplied in Venom. As a outcome, Venom: Let There Be Carnage undoubtedly scores a win by cleansing up Harrelson’s character aesthetic and permitting his innate psychopathy to come back to the fore.

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