Dark Web is the upcoming X-Men/Spider-Man crossover event occurring whereas the X-Men/Avengers/Eternals Judgment Day occasion continues to be a factor. Because in November, Al Ewing, Ram V, and Bryan Hitch‘s present run on Venom will tie into the upcoming Dark Web crossover, with Madelyne Pryor’s Goblin Queen and Ben Reilly’s Chasm, and Hallow’s Eve, starting in November’s Venom #13.

Arriving in November, Venom #13 will likely be a particular DARK WEB prelude challenge! Coming out one month earlier than DARK WEB formally kicks off in December’s DARK WEB ALPHA #1, VENOM #13 will set the stage for Venom’s function within the highly-anticipated Spider-Man/X-Men crossover occasion! Al Ewing, Ram V., and Bryan Hitch’s epic VENOM run has advised the intertwined journeys of father and son, Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock. Forced to look at his son die from throughout the timestream, Eddie Brock returns from house however finds himself surrounded by enemies. Alone, and with nobody to belief, he finds an surprising ally in Madelyne Pryor, because the stage is about for essentially the most epic crossover of the yr! DARK WEB will happen within the pages of Zeb Wells’ run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and spin out into different titles together with one-shots, restricted collection, and upcoming problems with VENOM!

I’m going to have to begin Frankensteining for November already, aren’t I?

Venom Crosses Into X-Men/Spider-Man Dark Web Event In November

“After taking Eddie to the far ends of time and space and the darkest corners of reality, it’s kind of nice to drop him back in New York City – the home, and the family, he’s been trying to get back to ever since #1,” Ewing stated. “Unfortunately, this may not be a happy reunion for anyone concerned, because when Eddie crosses paths with fellow single parent the Goblin Queen, he gets tangled up in a very Dark Web…”

Written by AL EWING
Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH
On Sale 11/2

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