Vegeta and Goku have a particular form of rivalry, and now after giving Vegeta’s Ultra Ego kind a brand new nickname, Goku has actually pushed Vegeta’s buttons.

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78!

In the manga world of Dragon Ball SuperGoku and Vegeta have a strained relationship that followers like to see play out, and now Goku has simply made it much more awkward after giving Vegeta’s strongest kind a nickname he doesn’t take care of one bit. Suffice it to say, giving Vegeta any nickname that isn’t Prince of All Saiyans might be a foul thought regardless of who cash the time period, particularly when it is coming from his endlessly rival.

As seen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Gas’s Wish, by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku and Vegeta are at the moment at a stopping level in a battle in opposition to the overpowered fighter often known as Granolah; a combat that has left them far worse for put on. Licking their wounds as Granolah fervently discusses some current revelations about his clouded previous from the elder Namekian named Monaito, Goku and Vegeta discover that the sky has gone darkish, very like the best way it does at any time when these seasoned Z Warriors make the most of all seven Dragon Balls to summon their very own iconic dragon.


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Suddenly met by the newly minted “strongest warrior in the universe, ” Gas, after making a wish to be simply that, this near-omnipotent villain arrives on the scene and makes an entrance price noting. Taking down Granolah with ease solely to neutralize Goku with conjured power shackles, Gas is at a stage that nobody can hope to match nor exceed; an issue for Goku and Vegeta as they will’t afford to take a loss with this one. Remembering that Vegeta has a senzu bean stashed away in his discarded armor, Goku then tells him to go seize it in a last-ditch effort to hopefully have a preventing likelihood in opposition to Gas, slipping in a nickname for Vegeta that the Saiyan Prince isn’t too happy about.

Goku gives a nickname to Vegeta's Ultra Ego form

Agreeing to retrieve the senzu bean, Vegeta tells Goku, “Very well. Don’t die Kakarot,” to which Goku offers a thumbs up and cheekily responds, “You can transform into freaky-face mode and beat Gas!” instantly annoying Vegeta to no finish. Blasting off to go distract Gas, Goku leaves Vegeta stewing in his frustration as he talks to himself by saying, “Freaky-face mode…? It’s called Ultra Ego you fool!” rapidly expressing his displeasure together with his new (extremely correct) nickname in probably the most Vegeta-like method doable.

Recently remodeling into his model of Goku’s close to all-powerful Ultra Instinct kind throughout the previous combat with Granolah, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego kind is as wildly highly effective as it’s hilariously “freaky.” Essentially changing into an overpowered tank of a fighter, this new kind turns Vegeta into an almost unstoppable destroyer who — like Goku attracts consideration to with Vegeta’s newest nickname — seems to be fairly bizarre when it comes right down to it. Sporting the cumbersome no eyebrow look of Goku’s iconic Super Saiyan 3 transformation, Vegeta’s hair stands a bit extra wild and spiky as effectively, completely encapsulating the freaky look that Goku succinctly describes earlier than he flies off to take care of Gas.

So though Vegeta is a man that doesn’t take care of a lot outdoors of this new nickname he despises, it may well’t be denied that Goku calling his Ultra Ego kind “freaky-face mode” is definitely tremendous spot on. Goku and Vegeta may egg one another on to get probably the most out of their rival, however calling Vegeta’s coolest kind one thing that he can’t stand is a hilarious addition to their ever-evolving dynamic. Just do not let any of the other Z Warriors know.

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