Vampire Academy has not too long ago come to Peacock, giving supernatural followers one other vampire-oriented story. However, this one is exclusive in the best way it approaches totally different species of vampires inside the world and the way they affiliate with one another.

This new sequence is predicated on a six-book sequence by the identical title. The TV sequence has captured most of the nice points of the novels whereas including some adjustments to seize an viewers on display. However, there are some Reddit customers that suppose there are some nice scenes within the books that might profit the present.


10 First Strigoi Turn

Vampire Academy – Book 1

In the primary Vampire Academy novel, Victor’s daughter Natalie is satisfied to willingly flip Strigoi by her father. This is the primary time Rose truly sees a Moroi flip into one of many undead vampires.

However, Natalie is just not a personality inside the sequence. Instead, his daughters are Sonya and Mia, two unrelated characters within the novels. Reddit person OkResponsibility8549 mentioned, “They’ll probably have Sonya be the first strigoi she ever sees turn which will have a huge impact on her because it’s a teacher that she is really fond of.” While that is only a principle, it will be attention-grabbing for the followers to see the primary Moroi flip dangerous.

9 Adrian Is Introduced

Frostbite – Book 2

There are many likable characters in the Vampire Academy sequence up to now, however Adrian Ivashkov has but to be launched. According to Enews, Leo Woodall, the actor plating Adrian, will seem within the sixth episode of the primary season.

Adrian is without doubt one of the fan-favorite characters within the e book sequence, however he is not launched till the sequel. When requested which scene they’d wish to see within the sequence, Reddit person raven_2525 mentioned, “Adrian’s first scene… really anything with Adrian.” Instead of ready till later within the story, the sequence goes to introduce this fan-favorite early on.

8 Rose Gets Her Molnija Mark

Frostbite – Book 2

There are many fearsome vampire hunters on TV shows and movies, however Rose Hathaway has the potential to be a novel twist on the idea. Though she would not hunt the evil Strigoi, it’s her duty as a guardian to guard the Moroi.

When Rose will get her Molnija mark, it is to represent her first Strigoi kill. However, this scene is riddled with bittersweet feelings as a result of, through the battle, she misplaced a detailed good friend. Reddit person ImpetuousDecisions mentioned, “I hope they show the…battle symbol tattoo on Rose’s neck. I think that would be such a devastating scene.” This scene from the second novel exhibits the horrors and rewards of being a Guardian on this world.

7 The Strigoi Attack

Shadow Kiss – Book 3

There are some nice vampire TV shows, but Vampire Academy introduces the viewers to a world of not simply good and dangerous vampires however mortal and immortal ones. Though Rose has confronted Strigoi at this level within the novel sequence, this novel includes a large-scale assault on St. Vladimir’s Academy.

This battle allowed the readers to see Rose face a number of enemies. This can also be a serious scene as a result of Christian Ozera is seen utilizing his magic to battle, which is essentially frowned upon of their world. Reddit person yazzy1233 mentioned, “The fight was so gripping and I loved seeing Rose and Christian being badass and working together.”

6 Rose Leaves

Shadow Kiss – Book 3

Book Three of the sequence additionally featured a giant plot twist. When Rose’s beloved mentor is become a Strigoi, Rose chooses to go after them to kill them as they might have needed beforehand.

Reddit person ImpetuousDecisions mentioned, ” I always love when Rose left because she was finally, for the first time really in her life, doing something for herself.” Before this, Rose is devoted to defending Lissa above all else. This scene and the occasions after lastly seize her doing one thing for herself.

5 Rose And Dimitri Fight

Blood Promise – Book 4

Like different supernatural love shows, Vampire Academy has the supply materials to develop a number of fascinating love tales. When Dimitri is become a Strigoi, Rose goes after him to finish his immortal life, as he would have wished as a Dhampir.

Though evil Dimitri initially subdues Rose, she’s in a position to get free and battle again towards him. This results in a battle between the younger lady and her outdated mentor. Reddit person raven_2525 mentioned, “I’ve always loved the chase/fight scene at the end of Blood Promise.” This scene would add an attention-grabbing love of suspense to their tragic love story.

4 Lissa And Rose Reunite

Blood Promise – Book 4

After Rose left to go discover Dimitri, each she and Lissa went by means of a tough time. Though Rose was away, their distinctive bond allowed Rose to see that there was a magic person with Lissa’s distinctive items attempting to reap the benefits of her vulnerability.

The anxious and scary scenario they each discover themselves in makes the union much more emotional. Reddit person Aj_tano mentioned, “By far my favorite scene in the book is when Rose comes back from Russia and reunites with Lisa and they both collapse to the floor cry and [apologize].” This expertise would assist to emphasise how robust the union is between the 2 younger ladies.

3 Dimitri Comes Back

Spirit Bound – Book 5

The story will get turned the other way up when Dimitri is taken out of the image. Rose struggled to just accept the lack of her love curiosity and has to attempt to go on with life realizing she wasn’t able to saving him.

In this novel, magic is used to revive Dimitri again from a Strigoi to a Dhampir. Reddit person zelenadragon shared their favourite scene within the novel, saying, “When Dimitri gets restored from Strigoi back to dhampir. Thats going to be epic.” Since it was frequent information Strigoi are misplaced as soon as they turned, this surprising success would carry an attention-grabbing twist to the magic of the Moroi.

2 Rose’s Graduation Trial

Spirit Bound – Book 5

Rose misses quite a lot of college and apply all through the storyline. However, her experiences make her some of the expert and fearsome Guardians, giving her a bonus most different college students do not have.

Her experience in combating implies that she should obtain a specialised trial for her commencement check. Reddit person ImpetuousDecisions mentioned, “Rose was literally so powerful and talented that they had to create a new scenario for her.” If this scene is included within the sequence, it should reiterate the idea that Rose is a rare Guardian in comparison with her friends.

1 The Search For Jillian

Last Sacrifice – Book 6

Many points of the final e book might be added to the story in the direction of the tip of the sequence. However, there are a number of particulars the story would profit from earlier on.

In the sequence, they’ve already emphasised that Lissa would not haven sufficient household to have a vote on the council or be a candidate for queen. However, within the novel, this results in her mates performing some digging to uncover a household secret. Reddit person seedsofpersephone mentioned, “I really hope to see the library scene when Rose, Dimitri and Sydney are looking for Lissa’s sibling.” Lissa’s secret half-sister, Jillian, could be an attention-grabbing addition early on within the sequence.

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