From utilizing prosthetics to sport bald look, to studying up on Chand Bardai, Sonu discusses slipping into discovered poet’s function for Prithviraj

Sonu Sood

When director Chandraprakash Dwivedi determined to make Prithviraj, he didn’t must look additional than Chand Bardai’s epic poem, Prithviraj Raso, for inspiration (Film primarily based on medieval epic Prithviraj Raso, Apr 23). Bardai, mentioned to be a poet in Prithviraj Chauhan’s court docket, had developed what is taken into account a complete retelling of the king’s life. For his big-screen providing, the director selected Sonu Sood to play the discovered poet to Akshay Kumar’s warrior king. Sood, who was accustomed to Bardai’s work, completely loved going again in time to the twelfth century. The actor says, “I had heard stories of Chand Bardai and Prithviraj Chauhan from my mother, who was a professor of history and English literature. So, playing this character was special for me. My director shared a lot of literature about Chand Bardai, which helped my prep.”

Looking the a part of the poet was a difficult and exhausting affair. The actor says he had to make use of prosthetics to sport a bald avatar, consistent with his character. “I remember getting ready used to be a [daunting] task due to the prosthetics. I used to start getting ready from 3 am, so that I could be ready for the shot at 8 am. Once I would get into the outfit, my body language used to change. I would start feeling like the character,” says Sood. He provides that he needed to choose up Rajasthani dialect earlier than the film rolled. “In a period film, everything needs to be right — from the outfits to the diction. I have done many historical dramas, and it was exciting to portray [a new] character.”

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